100m Dollar Club Scam Review

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100m Dollar Club Scam Review

100M Dollar Club is the latest SCAM to hit the markets.  It promises the world but in reality the expectations the club promises are false and definitely shortly of the mark.  In this review we aim to provide you with unbiased information that supports our conclusion as to the bogus nature of this software.

There is a good chance that you found this review after receiving an email invitation to join 100mdollarclub.co by a stakeholder trying to get you to sign up to this scam so he or she can get a slice of the profits.


$1,135,784 with binary options in 37 days is overly hyped and the idea that one can make this kind of money in a short space of time is ludicrous to say the least. On line trading is a great way to make money and yes you can make some good returns with the right training and the proper mindset, but you are not going to make it with this offer!


If this was serious business opportunity, there would probably have some real people to testify under strict conditions .  What we find is the so called beta-testers are all fake.  The picture on the 100m dollarclub websites front-page: Jennifer Hamilton, Ryan Martin, Eva Menendez and Paul Abbot are not real members! Here is Jennifer Hamilton for you: (Getty Images) www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/photo/portrait-of-woman and here is Ryan Martin http://creativemornings.com/people/juzmcmuz better known as Justin McMurray.  It is possible that these pictures were taken by developers without the consent of these people, however one thing is for sure is that the images portrayed are false.


100M Dollar Club Testimonials

100M Dollar Club Fake Testimonials


Every real trader will agree that in binary options nothing is certain and words like “Guaranteed” are not proper to use. Also, no auto trading robot or app can generate consistent accuracy of 98.7%.  That kind of accuracy is difficult to achieve on a consistent basis as the market is dynamic and constantly changing.  Average success rate on a good legit auto trading software ranges from around 70%-75%.  Top traders who earn week in week out from what we have seen tend to  achieve slightly better to around the 85% on their best weeks.


Let’s move to the presentation video by Jonathan Steadman if that his real name.  We didn’t really get any positive vibes out of this video.  He spent 20 minutes on a “la-di-da” speech on how easy becoming millionaire with this app is randomly throwing fake screen shots with big amounts in them probably something he conjured up in photo shop or something similar.


Do you feel confident to invest your money with the 100mdollarclub.co software, knowing that they don’t even have real members to testify that this is legit?


Lies, no real evidence and misleading misconceptions!, Ladies and Gentleman to remind you, here is a quote from this website by the alleged Ryan “$32,345 in my very first two days of using the $100m Club app”. In two weeks? By a Fake “Ryan”. You can find much better alternatives if you plan to trade binary options!


100M Dollar Club Limited Spots Fake Counter

100M Dollar Club Fake Counter


Don’t get taken in with fraudulent offers of the 100 million dollar club they are not a credit to what the industry is all about in fact they are the exact opposite.  They often claim that the 100m dollar club website will be shown to a limited number of people and/or there are a limited number of spots left! This is an obvious pressure tactic and not a credible way present an offer. This manipulative tactic is used with the $100 Million Dollar Club SCAM as with so many others we have seen come and go.  Don’t waste your time and move on, this fake app is not worth a single dollar. You will lose your entire account balance!


Verdict: 100m Dollar Club is a SCAM!


Please share your feedback below this review if you have any questions or feedback related to Bonanza Pro Scam or any of the above services we previously exposed. Should you be interested try a trading software that has a more realistic overview of the expectations it portrays and has been tried and tested with positive results we can recommend Mike’s Auto Trader.


Mike's Autotrader


Please share your experience if you already signed-up or if you have any questions, we encourage you to share this review if you know other binary options traders who might receive an invitation. If you are interested in good alternatives, check out Recommended Signals and EU Regulated Brokers for Forex and BO trading. Completely new to binary options? Start with a Free Demo Account!

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