12 Minute Payday Software Review

12 Minute PayDay Software Review
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12 Minute Payday Software Review! Impartial Review

12 Minute Payday System App Exposed Scam or Legit Investment Opportunity

The 12 Minute Payday System, I bet you $2,000 that this system will change you life changing amount of money?  This system which claims to be a software that yields substantial returns on a daily basis without facebook, twitter or trading certainly does not inspire us as to what kind of software really is?  In this review we will look to assess the 12 minute payday software in depth to find out first what its all about? and second what it possibly might hold for investors or if it is just another hoax or a scam.


12 Minute Payday Review! Facts Exposed!!

When you first take a look at the web page the 12minutepayday.com, you will note that the software’s promise in bold letters claiming to yield investor returns $2,035.38 in 12 minutes of let say ‘x’ for now.  The software starts of with shooting off random questions? Like how this sum of money would be change your life?  These 20 questions then proceeds to further shows us snapshots of family portraits, luxurious mansions and holiday posts.  But does not go to much in-depth into talking about the software in much depth.



Website: 12minutepayday.com

12 Minute PayDay Software Review


As we further go into the video we realised that we kept being bombarded with the rewards and nothing but the specifics, further making the whole 12 Minute Payday App promo seem like one big black hole with no clear answers to major questions like the product being advertised. The whole software which has been showed by a video clip is discussed by a mysterious voice over actor who from what we can tell loves to ramble endlessly.


Unfortunately, due to his endless talks about societies in general and how this program is nothing short of a miracle find we are left to ponder on who actually created this app and what credentials these founders might have.


How much this service cost?

If you like us were taken by the line stricken free offer an alleged $197 value product, you would be sadly mistaken.  For only once you have shared your email with the marketeers would you soon realise that this product is not a gesture of goodwill but comes at a price. The 12 Minute Payday- complete home package course as it is referred to is sold to order at a cost of only $47. Keep in mind that these costs only feature the blueprint but may further lead to additional costs such as advertising or IT related costs for the plan to be put into motion.


What about the 12 Minute Payday testimonials?

Unfortunately, after reviewing this site which was apparently launched back on the Jan 2014 and further updated Dec 2015 does not have any real testimonials supporting it based upon observations we carried out whilst conducting our investigations.  Any endorsements we did find were from biased actors and actresses who were paid to provide a positive script about the application.


In most of our reviews we reach the same conclusion as we seek to expose money-making scams. Please help us warn other traders by sharing your experience with 12 Minute Payday App or any other fake service.


Verdict: 12 Minute Payday Software Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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