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15K In 15 Minutes Review!

 Product Name: 15K In 15 Minutes
15K In 15 Minutes Website: 15KIn15Minutes.Com
15K In 15 Minutes  CEO: Phil Harris
15K In 15 Minutes Cost: FREE



Fixed investments in the Binary market are a great way to control is a great way to control the risk, have good money management and at the same time be able to benefit from trends that occur within a market at a steady pace.  One trading systems such as the 15K In 15 Minutes are relatively user friendly and easy to use as most of the stuff that occurs from the initiation to completion of a signal tends to be automated.  All that is required is a 5 to 10 minute setup process and then you are good to go.


This review will focus on the 15K In 15 Minutes and will aim to address the all-important issue of whether this product is a SCAM or NOT!


The 15k In 15 Minutes app had been released earlier this week and we will be looking to exposing it in our review. It is more likely or not that you may have received an email from the promoters of this website or heard about it from a blog which is biased in its approach due to the stake it has with the 15 minute product.  This signals software as we now have gathered works on complete auto trader mode and its owner Phil Harris stipulates in his video that he became a millionaire overnight using this very same product.


15k In 15 Minutes review in brief:

Phil Harris, the owner of the 15k In 15 Minutes app. goes on to show during the presentation some screenshots of several bank accounts with absurd sums of numbers that everyone dream to have. In addition, he mentioned that this signals app can generate at least $15,000 every 15 minutes at the press of a button on a regular basis. Since then he decided to share the software with his family members and with four of his best friends until now and now has opened this product on a limited release to the general public.





The 15k In 15 Minutes app is offered for free, there is no one-time fee or any other payment required. You will be required to make an initial deposit of $250 in order to activate your trading account with the broker you will be assigned to according to you. In addition to this you will note that there are some other perks to this software as with most auto traders.


1 – There are no stop orders – You will not need to place stop orders to buy the Currency Centre as this is not a Forex product but binary products. You will make money if the the stipulated signal a call or a put for a given asset ends up being correct over a stipulated time frame.

2 – Fixed investments and fixed returns – Unlike many of the hedging strategies, this product will have a set return or loss depending on the accuracy of the fixed contract taken.


In theory this how this is how it all works.  However whether the prediction tends to be correct is another matter for debate.  Phil claimed that this offer is classified as a top secret that no one knows about it and we are the only special ones to have the chance to use it. Of course this is a big fib as if it is top secret why are so many email marketers, blog websites and social media networks promoting this app.


In addition to this we also noted the following RED FLAGS:-

  1. False Scarcity counter? there are always only 6 positions left – check out the left widget at the bottom of the page.
  2. Promising impossible revenue at the push of a button even without knowledge of trading?
  3. Annoying popups that basically try to encourage you to sign up when trying to leave the website.  A last ditch attempt at making a sale .


We feel that the developers of this software have only one thing on their mind at that is to steal your money.   They have no remorse and nor should you.  Our advice is to walk away from this scam as it is a total joke of a product.  We have also received notification that this site is infected with malware. The claims of members making as much as $24,031,593 is a total joke as these are a total fake and probably not even valid testimonials from real beta testers but from fiverr actors who are looking to making a quick buck to buy their next burger and chips from their nearest fast food joint.


Instead of focusing on this no good website why not try something that has recently proven positive amongst our readers and continues to deliver results.





Let’s set the record straight! Any professional binary options traders you ask, will tell you that there’s no possible way that a software, especially a highly deceptive one such as 15K In 15 Minutes, is able to generate such an insane ITM rate.  $60,000 an hour is just CRAZY and ludicrous to say the least.  The creators of 15kin15minutes.com must be targeting newbie day-traders but we feel even experienced traders should be vary of this 15k product as their methods are too deceptive.


Verdict: 15K In 15 Minutes is a SCAM!


If you ever decide to take on-line trading seriously and lower your income expectations, alternatives to 15K In 15 Minutes are available in the binary options field that will yield reasonable amount of profits given the right processes regarding money management and strategies have been put in place.


If for any reason, you registered for this software before reading this review, please do leave your experience with this scam software in a comment below. It will at least help and deter other ingenuous traders from falling for this scam. If you are new to trading, we would recommend that you should open a DEMO ACCOUNT with a reputable broker from our recommended Brokers list and practice safe trading by copying professionals. Join a good Manual Signals Group such as the Michael Freeman Manual Signal Group. Email us by contacting us for a free introduction.


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