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18 Minutes is a Scam! Honest Review 

This is one the strangest automated trading software to hit the marketplace.  It is all about the minutes with this one. The question is it a SCAM? The advertisement as it goes insinuates that any potential users who use this software can up reap up to $2,500 profits in approximately 18 minutes.
Features Of 18 Minutes :
  • 18 Minutes is a binary options trading software that enables traders to make real money.  This software deals in the trade of binary options through the use of signals that software itself generates.
  • Follow signals, buy and sell in trading and it does that what to trade in market at desire moment.
  • Software is in sync with the broker so trades are carried out automatically

For traders to activate this system a deposit of $250 would be required to fund the account .  However before signing up … we strongly advise any potential to Please read this review in full before signing up with 18 Minutes, as it might possibly be a SCAM!


Reasons why we think this system is up to no good
Reason 1 – It’s stated that this software is “Only available in United Kingdom… when we open this software”, However users from other countries will also notice the same thing as the software defaults the message to sync with the country of your origin. Why would they lie about this offer being available ONLY in one country? One can only assume that this is a sales gimmick used to make it seem that their product is exclusive when in reality it is available to the public.
Reason 2 – The whole production behind 18Minutes.co is suspect. On the one we have a fake countdown clock that does nothing but puts undue pressure to potential investors. “The clock is ticking…” according to the 18 Minutes website, you only have 18 minutes to sign up with this binary options trading software.  One need not worry as even if this runs out the video will still carry on.
Reason 3 – When trying to leave the website, a pop up appears as is the case with most scam binary options offers we review, trying to prevent us from leaving.


Fake Review by a Fiverr.com actor ( 18Minutes.co )

18 Minutes Review


Reason 4 – Don’t be fooled by the testimonials shown on 18 Minutes Video Promotion. They were made by actors bought from Fiverr.com, contrary to the claim that they are from real people who used the 18Minutes app. The voice-over actor who presents the video identifies himself as Robert Carswell. He claims that his system his refined and all tuned due to years of practice.  He uses pictures of fancy houses, luxurious cars, vacations, etc., as a means of enticing potential investors by insinuating that this is the lifestyle he leads all through the fruits of trading.

Although we agree that it might be feasible to make some profits from investment , we not condone the psychological manipulation Robert Carswell if that his real name to convince people to join. Trading is a game of patience that requires discipline , practice and having the right mindset.

In addition to this he continues: “We currently have less than 10 spots still available.” This is another sales gimmick used to encourage you to invest.  We think this system is manipulative and definitely advice against investing in it.

VERDICT: 18Minutes.co is a FRAUD!

If you’re looking for real profitable software and signal services, please check out Binary Umpire Recommend Signals and Communities. We recommend that newbies start with a Free Demo Account. Thank you for taking the time to read our 18 Minutes Review. Please share your comments and testimonials below!


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