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3 Week Millionaire Scam Review
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3 Week Millionaire Review; An Epilogue of a Scam Black Book

3 Week Millionaire is a Epilogue and stereotypical of what we have found ourselves exposing as over the last few weeks.  This trading application which is supposed to be conducive  to binary option trading is not really a software that we can support or endorse considering the over optimism it divulges with not so much a hint or a foot note to the risks involved.


They say that most users who use the 3 week millionaire software invest the bear minimum amount possible which is $250-$300 and then make $800-$1000 daily.  They promise that in 3 weeks you will make $1,000,000 by using their system.  Logically speaking these are some absurd statements as seen on the 3 Week Millionaire Software website that bear no realism or are true forecasts that one should expect from this industry.


The 3 Week Millionaire Scam Points Review

  • Annoying Browser Pop-Ups: Yes
  • Fake Scarcity Counter: Yes
  • Paid Actor Testimonials: Yes
  • Impossible Revenue Gains: Yes
  • Convincing Proof of Profits: No
  • Possibility of Being a Scam: Yes


On 3WeekMillionaire.com you will find a backward Spots Left counter that starts at 10 and then quickly comes down to “1 Spots Left”. This is just another ploy to get you to sign up quickly but do not be intimidated by such cheap mechanisms they are clear without any real relevance other than to cause haste or hysteria.


Sean Wallace, the creator of the 3 Week Millionaire, claims to be a philanthropist who has been helping people in need. He is offering his system for free for people who want to test it over the next three weeks with the guarantee that the software will place 5 trades a day, each one making a $10,000, which in 3 weeks adds up to more than a million dollar in profits.


It actually sounds too good to be true to us. He will show you pictures of people receiving $10,000 checks from him “for no other reason rather than the fact that I like to help people in need… Please don’t fall for this. It’s absolutely impossible to make so much money consistently with a software that runs on autopilot. This now leaves the testimonials who are also fake.  When conducting this review we noticed a few testimonials.  However these testimonials were in fact stock image photos that we managed to source.

3 Week Millionaire Scam Review

3 Week Millionaire App Conclusion

Protect yourself before you fall victim to this nasty 3 Week Millionaire  scam, because the creators , the conspirators to this app aka the email marketeers, the biased reviews aren’t taking any prisoners.  We pride our selves in giving as much information as we can about new products that hit the market.  When we endorse products you can be sure that at least we have done some basic groundwork on the app even sometimes we have not tested the app ourselves, we will observe real testimonials and find out about whether the app is worth testing. Neo2 Square is a break through trading application that comes highly acclaimed and is backed by real traders and market analysts who have years of experience in Binary Options Trading.


Neo2 Sqaured - The Revolutionary App



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3 Week Millionaire
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