50K A Week Scam Review

50K A Week Software Scam Review
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The $50KaWeek Software  Scam or Legitimate App? The 50K A Week System Detailed Review Exposed!!

50k A Week Review:- www.50kaweek.com

The 50k a Week Software App, Is this a Legitimate Binary Options Trading App that we can trust or is another scam binary options auto trading system that should be best be avoided. The $50KAWeek Software claims $50k in just one week.  Our impartial review on the 50K a Week System which is predominately a binary options trading app will look to expose detail facts about the application and assess it capacity to generate such substantial returns.  We would encourage any one who is showing any signs of interest on this website to read our review thoroughly as potentially your capital could be danger if you jump ship and join the pirates that developed this system.


Josh Harris the alleged creator of this application hosted via the $50kaweek.com portal is a fake that probably has had no experience in trading binaries.  This website which hosts the $50kaWeek Software was registered on the 13th April 2016 makes it very new and definitely unproven to be insinuating promises of such magnitude.


What is The $50KaWeek System?

The name the $50kaweek  software in itself depicts what this auto binary app is all about.  The premise that users are guaranteed to make $50,000 per week all on auto pilot is the main selling point of Harris. The alleged founder of the binary options trading robot application, claims to have originated from a very poor background turned to the world of programming and binary options as a salvation and way out of his destitute life.


His mother, a nurse taking up a second job in order to support him in this venture slogged her way to fund his new venture.  His Father a teacher. He later joined a firm called Genius Stock who were specialists in developing algorithms that were conducent to Stock Analysis and Trading.  Unfortunately the company after a certain period of time went under. Josh and a few select colleagues of his choosing teamed up to create the $50kAWeek Scam Software.  He nicknamed this teamed the Justice League. 50k a week trading app binary options trading app justice formation, does sound a little bit far-fetched.


Now for the interesting bits, the site which took three years to develop is a far out lie. He also claims to have hated his 8 years at MCD but it was allegedly the breakthrough he needed. As our investigations already reveal that the $50kaweek software was registered 2-3 months ago from the time of conducting this review.  Next up is the Ponzi Sales mechanisms that are becoming a tad over-used.  In the Video Presentation the presenter claims that the registrations for this app is limited to only 60 spots and interested individuals should register as light saving speed (figure of speech) to avoid missing out on those vital spots.


50K A Week Software Scam Review


This mechanism as shown on the $50kaWeek Binary Options Trading App is of course a fake scarcity widget, and not one we endorse but expose as time after time shady developers resort to such cheap mechanisms to entice new visitors to signing up by inflicting mind games of a limited resource that is not scarce in the first place.


What about Josh Harris CEO of $50K a Week Trading Program?

The 50k a week story line might sound like something that is a true rags to riches story. However evidence suggests is representing a phoney gimmick he claims is powerful enough to automatically produce millionaires which are suspect.  The acclaimed high flyer is not someone you may find who exists in any Social Media Forum, Business Magazine or Linked Inn Profile. The main reason is that he along with GeniusTech his former employers are all made up and a fictional character that is probably been orchestrated over a Saturday Night scam meeting by the criminally motivated developers who are out to seek financial victims all over the galaxy.


What about the $50KaWeek Review Testimonials?

Next and our final point to ensure that all angles are covered is the true litmus test of the $50k a Week is to test its authenticity and the results it has achieved via third party beta testers.  Unfortunately much like the authenticity of where the  story to the websites creation was conjured app these supposedly benefactors are the end roots of a long plot that pretty much has nothing realistic about it .


The real situation in regards to all the $50KAWeek Software who endorse and  given a positive  review regarding the 50K A Week System are not genuine testimonials that we can use a support mechanism to substantiate that winning returns the anonymous creators would like us to believe.  All of them are paid actors and actresses with the most known to be the one on the left Jeff Weiner aka the Banjo Man which is his stage name who we have seen performing similar roles in previous software’s of this nature which have no legitimacy about it from the word go.



The Claims of the $50kaWeek Software achieving huge returns as publicised on the website after a period of 7 days are  fake and do not properly address the risks involved within the industry. At no point throughout the website have we seen real evidence that this trading system works much less generate 5 figures in less than a week. Lets break this down in mathematical terms.  5 Days a week trading days equates to 120 hours.  To Make $50,000 from a $250 deposit one would need to make $416 every hour which is nearly twice the original investment value.  Quite an impossible task and feat that would be stressful for the most seasoned veteran within the industry.


      Final Verdict: $50K A Week Scam!

      Beware, just avoid this $50KAWeek System

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You should never entrust your money to a site that does not substantiate itself by providing any real evidence like we observed whilst conducting this $50k  a week review which you can use to support you thinking process when making an investment decision. The $50KAWeek Software which has supported itself by using actor and actresses from the developer to the testimonies with fictitious results does no really give  us much to really divulge into  that we can consider realistic for the purposes of this review


If you would like to try an alternative product that has seen lots of support across various networks and retails traders alike than we can encourage you to watch the free video of our nominated product otherwise please feel free to carry on reading the rest of our review.


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In case you are absolutely new to on-line trading, you can trade with the TradeThunder.com which offers members with a $20 minimum deposit vs $200-$500 as required by most companies in the industry. Thank you for reading this review. Please feel free to send us a message in case you have any queries or concerns.  Safety is of paramount importance.  Thank you for reading this $50K A Week Review.

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