7 Figure Challenge is a Scam!!

7 Figure Challenge
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7 Figure Challenge Review

7 figure challenge Review – What is 7 figure challenge Software? Does 7 figure challenge System actually work?

Is it a scam or not?

Product Name:7 figure Challenge

The 7 figure challenge software is a newly released software that has been released in the market place. 7 Figure Challenge is a Binary System Product that has been created by Martin Taylor. The developers have put together this system and claim that it is so accurate that you can make $650,000 a year working by keeping this system active for at least four hours per day. It permits you to manage your trading yet the system that it utilizes takes the feelings out of trading.


About 7 figure challenge:

This 7 Figure Challenge software main function is to watch closely over the market and look for profitable binary options trades. When a signal is generated it will notify you.


How To Get Started With 7 figure challenge?

  • STEP 1- You must open an account with the recommended broker to use the 7 figure challenge software.
  • STEP 2- This is where you download 7 figure challenge binary options trading software. If you have a high connection it will only take you one minute or less to get this up and running.
  • STEP 3- Place your trade with 1 click! Now wait for less than an hour or so you will see signals beginning to furnish.

7 figure challenge signup


What is the 7 Figure Challenge System? Does it work?

The 7 Figure Challenge is an off spin of the of the 7 figure club system that was released earlier in July. If you look closely at the website you can see that it actually says 7 figure club at the top of the page which is proof that this is a re-brand.

Considering they are selling the same system over again, questions must be asked is why have they decided to go for a new look.  The reason is plain and simple the older version of this system was a flop and received a-lot of negativity

Surprise surprise Martin Taylor was the genius behind that software too. Who is Martin Taylor? The alleged creator of the bogus software “7 Figure Challenge” and the “7 Figure Club”  is nowhere to be found on Google and definitely not on the Better Business Bureau website. Martin Taylor Shows us in his video financial statement, this in fact is nothing that a simple app. like photo shop can create.


7 figure challenge evidence


In fact, the 7 Figure challenge is only accredited on generic review sites that promote similar money-making schemes, you will never find a positive review endorsing the 7 Figure Club on any serious, legitimate binary options forum or portal.


This brings us to the second issue, if you already signed up with the 7 Figure Challenge,  you are in deep trouble as all the broker sites that are synced with this money-making scheme are fooling you as well. Why would they partner with scams? In this industry you MUST sign-up with EU regulated and Trusted brokers.


Reputation is very important since you will find many unregulated scam brokers and you don’t want to invest your money with companies you cant trust! They often work with the type of scams we alert traders to avoid. Do not make the mistake and trust the 7 Figure Challenge or any review site that is providing this website with an endorsement.


If 7 Figure challenge isn’t a cup of tea for our readers, we would be more than happy with it as it is one less victim for them. They all make large promises and then fall short. These type of systems are consistently failing and aggressively being pushed on the market.


We won’t be recommending the 7 Figure Challenge to the binary today readers because it’s a re-brand of an old binary product that didn’t perform well and still shows flashes of those inconsistencies.


Please share your experience if you signed up with the 7 Figure Challenge, we’re hoping you managed to find this review on time! If you are interested to trade binary options with legitimate brokers, visit Binary Umpire’s recommended binary options brokers.


Before you start trading live, be sure to test your skills using a Free Demo Account or Free Live Charts such as MetaTrader4.com.

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