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Alpha Money Generator SCAM Review

Alpha Money Generator System is a fully automated options trading system providing 92% plus success rate to its clients. Lets cut straight to the chase Alpha Money Generator ( is a Scam.  Being presented as a new Swiss online money program, with the promise that it will trade for you and make you richer than you can imagine. The Alpha Money Generator system uses a lot of deception and false information to attract the sort of people who might believe that they will be able to make money fast with an auto trading software.  Well at least that’s what the presenter Fabian Samuel is claiming. In this review we will look to assess what this app really has to offer if anything and to identify its accuracy as a binary option signalling software.


The Alpha Genrator Model

The Alpha Money Generator App is an automatic trading robot. It works with web based software, so there is no need for any downloads. It can operate on a smart phone, a tablet or a computer and you only have to click once to begin auto trading. This free App is being offered, for only a limited time, by Fabian Samuel, a portfolio investment banker. He “guarantees” that it will generate up to $2,500 per day in profits, from an initial deposit of $250. He even promises that you will become rich extremely fast and you will no longer have to work after four months of auto trading with Alpha Money Generator signals!





Fabian Samuel, the face you’ll meet when you land on, is not completely honest with you. The AMG software is supposed to trading algorithm used by the Swiss banks as trading instrument.  During the video he made many over-promising statements, which are clearly just pushing strategies using by the scam-artist to make you eager and eventually push you into registration.


This software uses high performance computing for alpha and quantitative analysis. According to Fabian Samuel, it copies a system which has been used successfully by big fund managers over the past twenty years, and he claims that this Alpha Money Generator system has not been affected by world events.

Video Presentation as shown during the presentation


The Alpha Money Generator App by Fabian Samuel is a scam software that has nothing to do in the binary options trading online and especially not related to the Swiss bank. This trap has made by a group of scammers who hired a few Top Rated sellers from the industry as evidenced in the sample profiles shown above.  These are conducted in order to manipulate you and many other beginner traders to make an initial deposit into their shady brokers’ accounts. So, before you make any further decisions make sure to read our full scam review and to stay on the safe side of the binary options industry.  If Samuels was a real person, he would be doing everything possible to build a strong reputation online. Our review research shows that he has no personal profile or any career history on the Internet. His company has no official status recorded anywhere else online.


During the video presentation, Fabian, the “owner” has claimed a few bothering issues that are definitely not related to the binary options trading business. For example, he said that when you joining the Alpha Money Generator system you will have the privilege to open a Swiss bank account because that this software is the exact trading service that the Swiss bank offers to its clients and that the principles behind the AMG app is to produce money returns independent of market cycles and what’s happening in the financial world with at least 94% of success rate. And that this is the only automated signals service that will make you extremely rich fast no matter what happens in the worlds’ markets.


Alpha Money Scam Evidence;

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The presentation is all about the lifestyle you can have when you become mega rich, and the proposition of becoming a self-made millionaire. There is a lot of nonsense in the video about Swiss banks and how you could soon become one of those wealthy clients with millions in a secret Swiss bank account. None of that has any real relevance to risking your own money on trades made by automated robot.


Conclusion – The Alpha Money Generator Software is Scam !!! Avoid ..

The Alpha Money Generator website has been set up to look as if it is a licensed business, located in Switzerland. The Certificate of Incorporation on the website could easily have been faked and there is no reason to show it, except in an attempt to make a scam business appear legitimate.The amount of faking and deception, which we have exposed in this review, proves that there is nothing genuine about.


We encourage you to trade with an EU and CySEC regulated binary options broker instead of taking any risks with fishy brokers who are cooperating with scams. There is certainly no foundation for the promise made in the Your Alpha Generator Model Scam System system will provide new traders with any decent recent on investment.

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