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Apple Mobile Bot Review and Guidance

Apple Mobile Bot software Aka the Apple Stock Bot that had been released on the May 25th earlier this year will be the focus of this review.  As we come towards a close of the 2015 calendar, Apple along with many other companies are due to release their earning  report detailing the performance of the year.  For investors such products as the Apple Mobile Bot and Apple Stock Bot would look very appealing and it may seem even more appealing with many biased reviews promoting this app without any real evidence.  This review will look to investigate this bot for its validity as an auto trader and its true objectives.


A first look at the Video:

“You’re not allowed to use the AppleBot- yet,” quips APL Mobile Bot CEO Gunnar Eriksson at the start of the slick AppleBot sales video. Once he’s grabbed your attention by using the classic marketing ploy of exclusivity, Gunnar mentions how he made $26 million over the last 5 years on Apple stock.


Here’s the man himself, going on and on about Apple (for at least 5 minutes of the first 19-minute video); Gunnar eventually states that he used the “Apple Stock approach” to make his millions:




Besides, this creates a feeling that he is not trying to sell you something. On the contrary, he is telling you, you cannot get his AppleBot software. Well, this is BS as you probably guessed already. Gunnar Erikson is trying to sell you something.


Incidentally, Gunnar also makes quick mention of how he is an ‘in the know’ stock trader “with an insider source in both the development center and their press release center!”  What Gunnar has just admitted to is, in essence, insider trading. And insider trading for those who have watched the ‘Wolf in Wall Street’ and the ‘Rogue Trader’ this can actually land you in jail.  So we would advice not to take them seriously here as its all a HYPE.


Whether or not this successful investor and APL Mobile Bot CEO actually exists in real life is anyone’s guess- a Google search on his name turns up several different candidates ranging from musicians to computer programmers to salesmen. But there is no evidence of an Apple Stock Robot CEO, whether on LinkedIn or Google.


Apple Mobile Promo


When trying to leave the APL bot page, there’s a really funny video where “Gunnar Erikson” says “Woah Woah Woah easy there! Did you really wanna leave without actually seeing an example of the apple stock in action?” But wait, we thought we cannot use this software.  The Apple Mobile Bot website itself looks rather similar to the rest of the binary option scam Auto Traders.


Who wins with AppleBot? Not you

Let’s face reality: If the AppleBot software truly made its advertized 2300% over initial investment, there would be traders literally fighting each other to get their hands on this amazing software. There would be no need for an affiliate program, commissions or prizes. The product would sell itself.


Apple Mobile Promo


Anyway’s lets continue our analysis. As we continue the video Gunnar insinuates he has a two-part message for new traders:

1. You must make a $250 deposit into your trader’s account. This will cause a red AppleBot button to appear in the top right of the screen.

2. You must click on the AppleBot button to change it to green, which means it is now turned on and trading for you.


Apple Mobile Bot


In the pitch page video you will find many fake account balances.   There is too much fibs with this product for us to make sense of it .  It is possible to make money by trading binary options but not at the pace Gunner suggests.  Please always be vigilant and resist temptations from these would be scams.

Verdict:- Please steer clear of the Apple Bot System

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Thank you for reading this review.

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