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Auto Money Machine System Review
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The Auto Money Machine – Detailed Software Review

The Auto Money Machine software is a dodgy scam that is the main focal point of today’s review.  This web based application which predominately looks to entice new visitors by offering them the prospects of great returns and a luxurious lifestyle.  This application for all its promises to yield promises to yield returns $2,765.25 a day for any users that utilise this software and activate its automated capabilities.


Is Auto Money Machine Scam?  The answer is most emphatically yes, as the program which is mainly presented in lingo without much visual demonstration does not offer us much comfort into the software’s capabilities by means of a visual demonstration.  This Auto Money Machine System does not really go into too much depth of what it is does.  The few hints that we got from the lame presentation is that this automated software is in fact a trading robot that is designed to trade binary options.  The auto money machine app which does not offer in terms of testimonials does seem to promote compounding by claiming that should an investor earn $1000 they should increase their stakes to $150 and go for broke.  Arthur Mcool Claims that this Auto Money Machine software makes less than 66.3% less loosing trades than traditional algorithm bots.  This is clearly some mind games is that


Auto Money Machine Software Review:

Auto Money Machine System


According to the creator of Auto Money Machine software, Arthur McCool, his binary options trading bot is very unique and does not sell the same garbage as other products promising similar guarantees.  He claims that he is not selling anything and that this software which he has pre-selected for us is the answer to all our dreams.  Auto Money Machine app promises to make over $6,577 profits in a day. The system allegedly only places trades that have a 99% win possibility.  This is as close as insinuating that this software is zero risk which as many of our subscribers would know by now is virtually impossible.  Make no mistake this application is a fake any such insinuation or promises Arthur McCool makes are without evidence and definitely not realistic.


Auto Money Machine System Review


This Application does not really give us much substance.  It does however a lot of the pressurised sales tactics that we have seen time and time again Fake counters , popups with notification of a ‘free gift’ are clear signs that the system has no value and lures to cheap mechanics to entice new users.  A check on reveals that the official website of this Auto Money Machine scam was registered not more than a month ago on the 26th March 2016. This totally contradicts Arthur’s statements that the trader has been around for a very long time to make it look time tested when in reality it is not the case clearly.


Auto Money Machine Software


We hardly believe this trading application has had 367 successful beta testers or that Arthur McCool bank statements as shown on the with large sum of money displayed are actual or as a direct result of this trading application.  Studies would have revealed successful search showing at least one out of the hundreds claiming to earned and continue to generate $2000 a day. Instead we were left with a fruitless result with no evidence to support the Auto Money Machine’s software’s claims on Google, Facebook or Linked Inn Profiles.


Verdict: Auto Money Machine Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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  • You do a great job of exposing scams all over the internet. I had a friend telling me about auto money machine couple of days back. Was a little suspicious so I did some research and found this review. Thanks so much. Now I have to go tell her the bad news, she invested $500 into this!


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