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Automata Formula Scam Review
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Automata Formula Scam Review; Automated System Un-Masked

The Automota Formula Scam is the latest trading system that have been unveiled in the Binary Options Trading Industry.  This trading system like many before it proves to be a trading system that generates alot of promising results.  Mr. George Coleman, CEO and the owner of this trading service tries to sell you an appetizing story about how this system can potetnially yield mind-blowing results that will leave you speechless.


Automata Formula Scam Review


Some visitors, potentially may buy into this argument “FOR” joining up with this Automota Formula System thinking the supposedly accredited George Foreman will potentially show you  a better path to financial freedom but make no mistake all this crook cares about is his victim’s saved up dollars. That is why we highly advised every reader to check out & read our entire Automate Formula Review in its entirety.  We promise that by doing so and weeding through these facts we have observed during our research into the “FACTS” surrounding this app you will not only be aware of the details regarding this fraud but may potentially save you a dollar or two.


Why Automata Formula Scam is doomed to Fail!

The Automata Formula Scam in essence as seen on the, is predominately as the name suggests, supposedly, an automated trading service that is programmed to potentially remove the complexities & trade Binary Options on your behalf. In plain simple terms, yes the platform, which is web based, can perform this task but the only problem is that it does so with the detriment to the traders in mind.


As one visits the web-page already the potential investor would have noted & encountered that this system presentation lacks professionalism and is not quite what you would expect from a professional trading body that generally performs a trading service. Fast Cars , Luxuruious Lifestyle, unimaginable wealth are all elements that this trading bot is supposedly likely to be the end result once an investor takes a leap of faith and parts with their money leaving the system to do the rest of the work.  If you seriously think this is going to be the likely end result then we are sorry to be the bearer of bad news and can assure you nothing but wasted time & money will be the end result .


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Who is George Coleman from Automata Formula Software Really?

The owner of Automata Formula software is George Coleman. He is depicted as an ex-banker in the promotional video of the software, on the official website of Automata Formula as seen Make no mistake this person is fake.  He is in fact an actor that has been recruited by the firm to receit fake promises & guarantees thought of by some very shady crooks. Don’t believe us simply look at our previous review on the Orion Code and you will notice the same persona presenting another scam in similar fashion.


Coleman says that this software has the capacity to yield profit of $950 per hour & $20,000 every single day. Does it make sense to you? Well, certainly it’s clear that he’s lying about the credentials of So far binary options trading is concerned, earning $950 in every hour & over $20,000 every day has never been seen or heard of and has clearly been exaggerated.  All these fake claims are made to lure innocent traders.


The promo video of Automata Formula scam also claims this product is a rare opportunity which only is available on limited capacity.  They encourager the viewers not to share about this software to anyone, because the software is so powerful and they want to flood the market too much.  What Crap!


Automata App Testimonials

The testimonials featured on during the promotion are not legit at all.  In one of the automata formula review we were introduced to a person named Mike.  Make no mistake this person featured in the promo video speaks about how Automata Formula software has changed his life, is not at all genuine. The original creators of the Automata Formula software have probably hired this actor & others to make a good impression of the software. So, it’s best to avoid Automata Formula system.


We are also told that the Automata Formula, George Coleman, had found out a secret formula which he now wants to share with you has seen him earn ernormous amount of money for the last 12 months. So according to the website, it has been on the market since 2015.  According to our research this software, interned oriented, has been in the industry since 6th September 2016.  Well that has thrown this theory out of the window.


Review Verdict: Automata Formula App is a Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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To conclude, I would say that Automata Formula software is not at all trustworthy. The points mentioned above are sufficent evidence to prove to us that this system is not worth the paper or the opportunity. Despite investing money on this software, I would recommend you to seek for some other trustworthy & legit software for trading.


After investigating a bit on Automata Formula software, there is no doubt that automated app is a confirmed SCAM. So we’re not recommending this software to anyone. If in case, it has managed to convince you with its cheap tricks, then please go through this Automata Formula review.  We of course welcome any feedback & comments about your experiences with this application. Alternatively, please free to check out a more safer option, in the form of the United Trading Social Network, for better and more consistent high-quality signals, triggered by real traders.


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