Bahama Banker Scam Review

Bahama Banker Software Scam Review
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Bahama Banker Scam Review! Software Debunked!!

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Bahama Banker Software is a scam.  This holiday jet skiing trading system pretender which assumes to do all the trading for you whilst you enjoy the sunny shades of the Bahamas is in mere fact fraudulent and best be avoided for all investment purposes.  Herald Beckman the so called founder of this system has had a bevy of support of email marketeers and biased marketeers who support it without any foundation to substantiate their claims.


If you are one of the fair few to be approached by the Bahama Banker Scam team with an invitation to make insane amounts of money, we would strongly encourage you to read our review in its entirety for what we have to reveal may actually save you the trouble and headache from engaging with this dubious offer , duly named the Bahama Banker Software.


Bahama Banker Software Scam Review


Bahama Banker Review

The offer By Herald Beckman in conjuction with Dimitri the online trader whose software was used as part of an offshore financing deal really is just a tall tale that has no basis of realism about it. In reality the Bahama Banker System is nothing more than a piece of junk software , a trap of sort designed to entice people into investing in its shady practice with nothing to support it from the outset.


How successful is the Bahama software? In his video presentation the phony CEO  suggests that this software has the potential to generate a a winning rate of 96.1%. This figure of course is hyped up and we have proven that even the best systems only generate around 80% – 85% on average.   Furthermore, given the software was only registered over three months (Actual Date : – 2016-09-02) make the whole program to new and risky to be considered time tested. The fact that he further claims that this system has amassed 10,000 members is just not at all realistic and unfeasible over a short space of time.


Who is Herald Beckman?

Herald who claims to be the CEO and brains behind this system is nothing more than an actor whose actual trading history is imaginary and cannot be verified independently.  He is his presentation claims to be a private banker in the Bahamas and has been successful in his niche for a period 12 years.  Furthermore , he claims to have a long clientele list full of ‘dirty businessman,’ respectable professionals and politicians to name a few.


According to Herald, traders are able to earn $1250 daily using his software. His secret which he reveals has in part to do with ‘High Frequency Trading,’ playing the accumulation game.  Of course this in principle is not scientific, nor is it suitable for the conservative investor.  In fact chances are traders are likely to be burned out in short spasms of trading playing the fast game than would have been the case should they have been trading slightly longer, less risk averse time frames that have a better statistical advantage of being in the money.


We hope that needless to mention at this point but the statistical figures of $1,250 per day and 96% accuracy are just made up stats.  Beta Testers who have independently tested this system have not seen any thing from this system worth fussing about. In fact reports suggests that some have even had their account wiped out in a series of consecutive losses using the systems badly coded program. Not only this misleading information that is bothering us, but also the fact that that the system since to pride itself in false testimonials. Including in its “member’s area” are a series of bogus identities and stolen pictures, which have nothing to do with trading at all or are the end product of a successful program.


Bahama Banker Conclusion!

Phony identities based on stolen pictures, exaggerated numbers and false guarantees.  The list and lies go on, and seem to be the main ethos of a dubious CEO.  Would you really place your trust in false characters.  We know we would not.  The Bahama Banker software is definitely not a genuine trading tool and will actually hurt your account more than it will help you. We therefore encourage you guys to stay as far away as you can from this despicable system that has nothing going for it from the outset. Try search on you tube, Google and or any other Social Media Forum and you will see that no one has anything good to say about the system


Verdict: Bahama Banker Software is a Scam

Trading Software Not recommended for Testing! 

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If you have any experiences with this finance system we would appreciate a comment or two below from you so others can share and benefit from your experiences. There are ways to make a good profitable income with trading binary options, and this has been proven time and time again. The Lexington Code Software which starts with a intuitive presentation by Michael Lexington focuses on a thorough examination of the Lexington Code. We encourage you to visit the an “all in one” system that can source and conduct trades all on auto pilot.


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There are ways to make a good profitable income with trading binary options, and this has been proven time and time again.  If Auto trading is not your thing, Please feel free to visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in this industry which you can find listed on our Blacklisted page. Thank you for reading this Bahama Baner Software review


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