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Bankers Profit System
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The Banker Profit System Is a Scam; Real Evidence

The Banker Profit System’ released on Monday, October 12th, 2015 proves to be another system that warrants a placement in our black list! This review is really important as it might save you at least $250, which is the minimum deposit requirement with most binary options auto-traders. Before you decide to use the trading bot, you should read this Bankers Profit System review. The review has useful information, which would guide you in determining whether the robot is a scam, or not.  As always, we have some evidence to indicate that this is a fake offer, let’s start The Banker Profit System is using the same actress to promote their virtual rubbish that have promoted other systems in the past.


Andrew Teegan who produced the software goes on to suggest that people have started to earn vasts amount of money on a system before the system even went live. When you go through the website, watch their videos, and investigate their claims, you would not waste your time in dismissing it as another scam product. Before we get down to specifics, there are some important features that would you to determine whether a trading robot is fake or real.


When you subject the Bankers Profit System to this check, you would discover that it has:

  • It has an annoying pop up
  • It has a fake scarcity counter
  • All testimonials are fake and paid for
  • It does not look like authentic software
  • Its proof of profits is not convincing
  • It claims to be free, but you must sign up with a broker
  • It is one hundred percent scam.


They start off trading with 2.5% of your bankroll (your account total). This is perfectly normal and accepted trading practice, but remember that they themselves said that the Banker Profit System scam is only 60% accurate.

Banker Profit System


When this trade loses, they increase the amount for the next trade the auto-trader uses to 22.5% of your total account value. Remember that by their own admission you have a 40% chance of that happening, so you are going to see this a lot.


Banker Profit Cycle


It’s becoming really difficult to get the truth out on Google lately with so many fake review sites that are used to promote fake offers, such as:,, and many other generic sites that are not to be trusted. Notice that those websites promote every money-making scheme in the industry, and the fact that they are quick to provide positive endorsement for such a new “app”, is disturbing and dishonest!


When you watch the video, you would not be in doubt as to whether the system was promoting the outdated and discredited Martingale Gambling technique. This idea was not new; it has been around more than one hundred years ago. Investors are critical of the idea because it could easily wipe out your investment. The idea behind Martingale has been faulted. The theory assumed that you have potential to increase profits for each trade that you lose. This idea was discarded a long time ago because it was discredited.



As for the CEO, who is Andrew Teegan? no one. It’s a made-up name, try to find this person anywhere besides on the above sites we mentioned, good luck! If it was a real person with any credibility, he would be open to provide you with more details to support his identity, unless of course the actual creator is trying to hide!


Banker Profit System Promises

When you see the bogus claims in their website, and in their videos, you would see that the robot is already losing the plot. When software that claims to be sixty percent accurate and promises you huge profits, you would begin to wonder from where the millions would come from.


When you take a closer look at the videos, you would discover that the bankers profits system scams paraded false testimonials. All their testers were false. One of the testers goes by the name Henry F from Liverpool. When you search further, you would discover that it is a fake identity. The same photograph was used to promote different products. This would show you that the person was paid to advertise the system.


According, Henry F. from LiverPool, UK is actually Falco Headstrong.

This image features on many sites besides!

How about Hannah M. who “made $57,982” using The Banker Profit System? On her name is “Daroche B” from Brazil. Another convincing evidence of paid testimonial is the person Elizabeth who claims to have made money through the system. When you check that picture on Google, you would discover her real identity; she was only an actor, and has nothing to do with binary options market. You can easily pay somebody to do such things at $5 for All these fake testimonials were from .


Verdict: is a SCAM!


Conclusion on the Banker Profit System

Our conclusion is very solid and we have no reason to believe that this is a legitimate binary options software or app and we encourage our readers to share your feedback, thoughts or experience in case you decided to invest money with We certainly hope that you read this review on time and we encourage you to seek better alternatives if you are interested in binary options. In case you are completely new to online-trading, you should consider trading with a Free Demo Account. Stay safe and trade with EU Regulated companies, you can be sure that The Banker Profit System is a complete scam and they are not synced with reliable binary options brokers.


If for any reason, you registered for this software before reading this review, please do leave your experience with this scam software in a comment below. It will at least help and deter other ingenuous traders from falling for this scam. If you are new to trading, we would recommend that you should open a DEMO ACCOUNT with a reputable broker from our recommended Brokers list and practice safe trading by copying professionals.


Visit our Top Trusted Brokers In case you are working with a lower budget and can’t afford to trade with an auto-trader, which normally requires you to deposit at least $250, you can start this journey with a legitimate broker that can offer you a free demo and a low deposit minimum / trade minimum such as You can deposit as low as $20 and execute $1 trades. For beginners it may be a great way to give it time and see if on line trading is for you. New Comer To binary options industry? Don’t forget to check our Scam List, it can prevent you from signing with similar to star wars binary bot other scams! For decent alternatives we invite you to check out our trusted binary options signals.

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