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 Binabot Vs Binadroid2 Review – Epic Software Revamped or Scam App Busted!! System Facts!!

Binabot Vs Binadroid2 which sounds better. Binabot Review or Binadroid2  System which is more Epic or Scam App Busted.  It does not really matter really as this is the same software with amazing results.  The Binabot Software which is the new name given to the the Binadroid2 Software for legal reasons and to differentiate it from the original version for its state of the art capabilities and droid capabilities has been slowly been producing results which are great.


Since the original article the Binadroid2 Software Review, we have seen traders flourish with the new design befitting of the Binabot Software Evolution.  The Binabot system a new version and an evolution in android technology far different but with similar characteristics of a previously successful auto trading software and a higher ITM rate on average. The Bina Bot App is looks to improve on the high success rate that defined and really set the groundwork for the future binary options trading.



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Binabot Software Review:-

Binabot Software Launch


Extended Features of the BinaBot Program

The Binabot Software which is predominately set to work on auto pilot and has 3 risk classification to suit investors appetite.  The Bina Bot System or the Binadroid2 Software users can choose to trade at low, medium or high risk and trade from as little as $25. Binary Options Traders also benefit from the Semi-automated status that was evident in the first Binadroid system.  This Binabot App provides visual graphs and signals that traders can cross check with their trading charts before placing a trade with the broker. How’s that for control?  We think its awesome as it puts the investor always in total control.


Should the trade go wrong which sometimes does happen given the volatility of this industry then the Bina bot software has an amazing reverse button which counteracts the original trade by trading the opposite way with the same expiration time thereby minimising risk loss and maximising gains.


Binabot Software


Binadbot App customer assistance in addition to all this is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This type of support is not common for products of this nature. It is designed to make the BinaBot software easier to use and to answer questions or solve any problems that may arise when using the software.


Advantages of Binabot Software Trading App

The binabot system works anywhere in most countries, where binary trades are permitted, and the trading software is  synchronized with quality broker, so you will have no difficulty withdrawing profits from your new broker account.  When you sign up  Support is also available by email and by phone.


You will see that the Binabot Software interface has a news feed on the economic calendar, which is very handy, and it it gives you instant access to all the fundamentals and the hottest signals on one screen. It has a signal summary, and a countdown timer for how long the signal is valid for. The great thing about it is that you can track the results by looking at the live chart, and compare it to the signal to see how it is performing!


After the initial Binadroid review and testing we realized that unlike many trading systems, first it’s not a re-make of an older software but most importantly, it gives binary options traders full flexibility with the trade amount and risk exposure. The automation is straight forward and simple to activate with one click. Binabot Scam is void.  Recent comments received have been positive and suggest this program to be profitable. If you are currently trading with Bina Bot, we encourage you to share your feedback below this review and keep us updated with your progress and we would love to take any questions for those who are interested to join.


With Binabot Software, you don’t need to down load anything and you don’t need to know specific in-depth details of how it all works.  The process of setting up your binabot platform to suit your preferences should be quick and easy, and you will be able to trade within a matter of minutes after signing up. What the Binabot software does is to take away that complexity and responsibility from you, and wrap it all up in their online trading appliccation.


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