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Binary Assassin is a SCAM!!

Binary Assassin by “James Ruskin” and “Martin Nielsenis” is a relatively new binary options product to be launched in the trading industry. It was quite easy to come to the conclusion that it’s a scam which is a correct assumption as the binary assassination app shouts compounding , martingale and gambling as the way to approach trading binary options. This software, we’ve decided to write a quick review so that it becomes official that Binary Assassin is not a legit software, but a scam.


James Ruskin says that he has a secret method for making millions of dollars- and he’s willing to share this method with you today for free.The video begins with a fake snapshot of James Ruskin’s bank account with a $2.4M balance. Then they go on talking about the economic crisis and how “there’s no doubt that you along with millions of others would be forced to lead a nightmarish life” and that your only solution is to sign up with the Binary Assassin software.


Binary Assassin Software


Scrolling down to the Frequently Asked Questions section, we find the Binary Assassin’s promise for how much money can be made with the software. It says: “I made almost $2.5 million in just 12 months from just one of my accounts with the software and you can do exactly the same.”


In this End of the World scenario proposed by James, billions of unsuspecting individuals will be “forced to lead a nightmarish life!” The root causes of this economic apocalypse will be increased taxes and price hikes.But James states that he hates lies and hype, so he then starts talking about exactly how you will avoid this impending catastrophe. The answer lies in his “account doubling Binary robot,” called Binary Assassin, that is “embedded with the Volatility Skew principle.”


“Can I think about it and come back to get a copy later? I cannot stress it enough that the copies are extremely limited and if you do not download your free copy now, then the chances are you will never get one.” The software will be available for many more days so no need for the frenzy. Binary Assassin features 10 “customer testimonials” on its initial sales page. I have taken a screen shot of the first six testimonials for your perusal.



Binary Assassin Testimonials


In addition to all this the so called badges shown on the binary assassin system are not real, their a fake and are hard coded just to make the system look legit. Since we’re on the subject of ridiculous claim, he goes on to say “I am going to do something that has probably never been done before and give away a sensational secret that has made me $2,409,212.58 in the last 12 months for free. I hate lies and hype and I am sure you have seen it all been there done that” So just exactly how many trades would you have to make for this statement to be true? Well, we can guarantee that the trades you are able to make from your $250 initial deposit will not be enough.


If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk of having a binary assassination to lose money with a signals provider, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist. If you have any experience with this auto-trader please share your experience , this will help us assess the validity of this software.


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For better signalling app alternatives compared to the Binary Assassin Software, please visit our Recommended Signals Page and for those who are completely new to online trading, the best way to start is with a Free Demo Account. Learn how to trade and get a feel for binary options, if you see yourself as a day-trader, it’s a great way to make money.

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