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Binary Backdoor by Chad Kowenski is a new binary options trading software that has recently just been launched. The headline front “Use this secret Binary Backdoor and make an average of $2,957 Daily on Full Autopilot.” The video goes on where the presenter who seems to be well spoken and articulate.


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He stipulated that this system was developed and back tested on the reviews of past system performances including drawbacks. Chad learnt his craft over a space of six year period working for a large brokerage firm.

His job was to give support and encourage people to deposit money into their accounts. He learned that most traders who stopped trading, gave up because the previous auto cash systems they were using were not generating any profits.

When he asked a colleague why the binary options systems don’t work, he received the answer that it’s not that the software did not work. He found out that the system was deliberately disabled for new clientèle thus providing false signals to intentionally cause loses.  This was deliberate and the brokerage would lift this block to reward long term traders who have been active for at least 5 years.  This does bring into question how to they manage to retain clients if they discourage new potential investors.

When Chad Kowenski tried manually removing the block for a fake account he had created, he won 32 trades in a row and 121 trades out of 149 trades that he took in total. That’s an amazing 81% success rate and a profit of $2,951 in just 11 hours.

But anyway’s back towards the system in question… The Binary Backdoor software is a fully automated software and has been developed to guarantee you win trades.  It cannot be messed and has been designed to make any investor look like they are experienced trader thus avoiding foul play…  so this it is literally taking you through the back door hence Binary Backdoor. 

Binary Backdoor


First Impressions on this website, indicate a relatively simple , easy to use system with colourful a trade chart themes that is easy on the eye and unlike most other systems that we have reviewed thus far.


Selection and integration

Can Trade from a group of 180 of assets including currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. You can open several trades at the same time, each for a different type of asset, or trader can choose to focus on a single product for trading.


Trading in three simple steps

Binary options trading with Binary Backdoor is a simple unbelievable.

Step 1 – Setup a predermined investment rate

Step 2- If the system think that the implied value of assets will rise during the specified time period allocated to the trading process, it will automatically do ‘a call’ or vice versa ‘a put’.

Step 3- If the trend correctly predicted, then you will be your position in the “in the money,” When the time expired and will fail to anticipate the outcome correctly, then be trading “out of the money.” .
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To use, you will be required to open a brand new account with the supported binary options broker. You can then activate the system and start making profits on 100% autopilot. Depending on the amount per trade you set the application to trade, you can make a daily profit of between $1,950 and $5,200.


Is Binary Backdoor a scam?

  • It sounds highly illegal, Chad Kowenski to the contrary does claim though it’s perfectly legal.
  • We are unable to ascertain if Chad Kowenski is really his legal name or not as we could not find much information on him.
  • Would mean that you are not given a freedom of choice and designated a broker during the registration process
  • Chad Provides Testimonials also tend to use actors but we could not find any real testimonials shown on the video


Binary Backdoor


To sum up this review: sounds ok but as always we recommend performing due diligence before signing up. We will remain impartial and waiting to receive further feedback from traders who have tried it or once further information comes to light. Please leave a comment below this review if you can enlighten us about the authenticity of this offer as we was not able to find sufficient evidence that Binary Backdoor is a scam at this moment in time.


Although we are unable to verify the true nature of this system we do recommend tried and tested services which thus far have received positive feedback.


1. Mike’s AutoTrader – A great and famous AutoTrader
2. XE Trader – A top notch looking autotrader
3. Optionbot 2.0 – The famous of the signals services in this industry
4. Gold Digger App – For traders who love trade with commodities


Have a problem with your broker? Need to know something in binary options? You are in the right place! Contact us or leave a reply below and we would love to assist as much as we can! For your own safety, keep in mind to subscribe our blog, that way you increase your exposure with scam services!  Thanks for reading.

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