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Binary Boom Broomstick
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Binary Boom Scam! Stay Alert…

One of the worst software released in the markets is Binary Boom ,which is a top scam! Is it just us or did you guys also receive tons of spam invitations by  Unfortunately we couldn’t catch them on time and they already managed to convince hundreds, if not thousands of traders to join this obvious scam.


Boom… Boom and Triple Boom your money is gone, just like that.  We have seen so many fireworks in the Binary Options industry over the last year but nothing quite like this.  This software and the developers behind use all the classic scam tactics. But NO that is not all , they have some more tricks up their sleeve.  We will discuss this in depth as we proceed with reviewing these commandos of the binary scam world.  But our advice from the outset is to stay away!


Stay away from the first moment you receive an invite from their hoards of email marketeers to their specialist blog artist who try to put a positive spin on everything that is so negative about them.  Binary Boom software may have been released a while back but their impact is catastrophic and there is no visible sight of them stopping.


Binary Boom is not only an incredibly misleading offer but it’s also hosted and sponsored by some of the worst brokers in the industry.  The fake Auto Traders that are coming out every week making it difficult to post a warning on time.  Online traders and ‘money-making’ opportunities seekers are being conned on a daily basis by this program and we are here to put an end to it or at least prevent the lucky folks who will do a little bit of research on Binary Boom and realize that it’s a scam before it’s too late, from joining this fraudulent website.


They have left such a dark stain in the industry, and the complaints receive by authoritative sites indicate that the scars are deep.  We find it necessary to post this review and warn potential victims, we also encourage everyone who decided to invest with this fraud to share your feedback and help us alert others so they understand that it’s a fact now, this is an obvious scam to us but your testimonials will help us deter others from falling victims so please take a moment and after you finish reading this review, post a comment and let the world know what you think.


Before you use any software, you have to make your research to uncover the real people behind the system. A man called Denis released Binary Boom. You would not doubt from its video tutorial that the presenter must be a failed binary options trader. From the video, you would not comprehend anything from it.  I mean how on earth can you make millions online with the help of a broomstick?

Binary Boom - The Broomstick Scam



We clearly didn’t buy into it, knowing that it’s just another fake auto trader introduced to binary options traders, designed to make people sign up with unregulated brokers and lose their investment in minutes, hours or if you’re lucky, you will lose your account balance in a matter of days.


It is not difficult for you to detect fraud software when you see one. If you have been reading all the reviews in this site, you would have learnt how to detect scam robot from authentic ones. Binary Boom would promise you that you are not required to pay anything to use the product, but when you download the software, you would be required to pay $250 to a broker. This means that the software is not actually free. When you deposit money to a broker, you are as well paying for the scam software. Any money you spend on the trading app is a waste of money.


Why do I feel like it’s necessary to target well, it’s nothing personal but after checking the website stats and getting more than a few complaints from subscribers, I know that this is one of those viral money traps, one out of many similar scams that are coming out left and right so it’s a duty for anyone with an authority website in the industry to warn others, especially when an offer is heavily promoted on fake websites and solicited to the public via mass email campaigns.


Binary Boom - Binboom


What are evidences that show that Binary Boom is scam software?


Binary Boom Software


There are many evidences that would convince you that Binary Boom software is a scam. For instance, you would find that it satisfies all the criteria we always subject any new software to determine its authenticity:

  • It comes with annoying pop up anytime you access the site
  • Like other scam products, it features fake scarcity counter
  • Cross check all the testimonials, you would discover that they are all fake
  • It parades fake proof of profits


Another evident that Binary Boom is a fraud is the fact that the software does not have a thorough understanding of the market analysis. The maker of the software presents a broomstick, which to them represents a true analysis of the binary options market. It is another BS and Matrix methods that have failed in the past. It baffles one how anybody could believe such a thing. It is clear evidence that it was not based on any binary market indicator. This means that you are not going to win any trade using the Binary Boom software.  This website is also known to have infected potential users with malware and annoying pop ups making it even more nastier than the typical black list auto trading software.


Binary Boom Review on YouTube by Anonymous


Can anybody make money using the Binary Boom Scam?

The simple answer is NO! Binary Boom is fraudulent product that nobody should trust. All information provided by the software is false. People who have unique knowledge of financial assets market did not produce it. If actually that they were traders, they must be the worst traders ever produced by that system. You can never make any money when you trade with the software because it is entirely disconnected from the market.


If you found this review, you are already on the right track since doing research is really important before you invest money with any signals service or binary options brokers. At this point we would advice our readers to avoid this scam bots, the claims of generating huge profits for short period is something that doesn’t sit well with us. If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist. If you have any experience with this auto-trader please share your experience , this will help us assess the validity of this software.


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Stay safe and thank you for taking a moment to read this review.



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