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Binary Meta Bot by the British Traders Asscociation SCAM Warning

Binary Meta Bot is a Scam software. In this British Binary Traders Association system review we will show you all the evidence and explain why it would be a big risk to fund a trading account.


What Is The British Binary Traders Association ?

The has created a website which looks authentic, but that does not stop the Binary Mega Bot program from being a scam, as you will find out from this review. According to the website, the British Binary Traders Association was founded in 2013 by Sir Roger Thorne, a trader with more than thirty years experience. He has now combined his knowledge of the financial markets with the latest robot trading technology to launch the Binary Meta Bot Software to a limited number of people. Our investigation for this British Binary Traders Association review has revealed that the name was only created for a website promoting the Binary Mega Bot system and it does not exist as an official organization.


Now, you would expect a leading authority in the UK to be mentioned quite a bit if you run a Google search on his name. So we googled “Sir Roger Thorne.” Not surprisingly, nothing came up except for websites trying to promote the Binary Meta Bot scam.


Binary MetaBot

The Meta Bot Scam Review! The Exposure!

The alleged CEO Roger Throne not to confused by Sir Roger Moore claims few engaging matters. First he guarantees that you can generate $40,000+ every month with this options robot, which sounds bizarre because we all know that in the online financial world no one can “guarantee” profits! Second he is involved with the online markets for over 30 years. This really expose him well in our eyes because if you claim that you are very well known in UK and on the financial markets overall, uncle Google should heard a lot of things about you. Unfortunately this is not the case, Mr. Thorne is completely unknown when it comes to his name + Google search! The fact completely debunks his claims about long trading the financial markets, life!


Can You Tell The Difference?


Sir Roger Moore

Binary Meta Bot Sir Roger


The software has been designed for autotrading from Binary Meta Bot signals. You are asked to sign up with your email address and then open a trading account with one of the brokers listed on the website. After depositing $250 or more, you have to trust the robot to get you winning trades.There is no information about the financial analysis behind the trading signals. You are only told that the Binary Meta Bot program has been designed for currency trading and it is claimed to have a hit rate in binary options of 98.77714%!The people behind this scam insist that Binary Meta Bot system is based on Sir Roger Thorne’s unique insight into how trades work, but there is no record of any trader with that name having a career in the City of London, which is the UK’s financial district.


Another major flag is the appearance of half of the fiverr paid actors. Besides all the scam-artist the Meta bot expert team is all fabricated. All those people don’t exist of if they exist they own other names. Here are two for starters Darren N. Binary Options ExpertMadeline B, BO Trader.


If he really was a prominent figure in the UK financial sector who has received a knighthood, then “Sir” Roger would show up on Google for more than just the links promoting this British Binary Traders Association scam.The social media testimonials praising the Binary Meta Bot system have all been faked. Our research for this review revealed that there are no such people to be found on Twitter or Facebook. The British Binary Traders Association program does not have an account on Twitter or Facebook and the social media links which feature on the website just open a box urging you to sign up for the Binary Meta Bot software.


Now let’s move to the fun part, more testimonials but made by “famous” people!  Henry Goldstein, OBE, CEO of Acumen Hedge Fund is actually “Leon G. “Lee” Cooperman (born April 25, 1943) is an American businessman, investor, and philanthropist.”


In the video Sir Roger says that it would skew the markets if too many people had access to the Binary Meta Bot system. Each time we accessed it for the purposes of this review, the website always shows twelve spots available to start with. The British Binary Traders Association scam is not really restricted to thirty people and it is obvious that they want to get as many people as possible to sign up quickly for the Binary Mega Bot and fund an account.


Our investigation couldn’t provide any solid evidence that this software really works. Google search clearly proves that the company and the creator are fabricated. There is no real third party verification that can bring some legitimacy to this software.


Review Verdict: Binary Metabot is a SCAM!


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