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Binary Secret is a SCAM!! Real Review!

Binary Secret by the alleged David Craig is the latest trading system to be released in the market. In this review we will look to assess and collate real evidence to expose true motives and how they look manipulate new and existing day-traders alike.


Make no mistake about this is not an endorsement like any other reviews out there as our analysis is based on the information we find and the testimonials we receive from traders all around the globe. This information the we obtained regarding the the Binary Secret Trading App indicates lots of inconsistencies and brings an alarming level of evidence that is so disturbing that we can only conclude that this ‘so-called binary secret app’ is actually a serial offender.


Let’s start with David Craig, the so called CEO.  Our research suggests that he is no CEO and his image is being used for the purpose of promoting this trading application so as to trick the unknowing trader into depositing into the fake software.   A Google Picture Search result reveals that we’re dealing with a ‘Royalty Free Stock Image’ from Review Evidence: David Craig is definitely not a “Certified Analyst with the WWFA Academy”, no such company exists.


Binary Secret Scam Trainer


Fake Testimonials

Compelling evidence that shows that Binary Secret Trading App software is a scam. We already saw the CEO is non-existent now we will look also look to prove that testimonials are fake themselves. To back up this “good results” the whole testimonials comes from individuals portray themselves as “real” traders who have tried the Binary Secret Trading scam app. Guess what? They are all payed actors from fiverr, hired to make positive testimonials about this crap service. We`ll revival one for you but just in-case you are curious you can go and expose them all by yourself on


After watching so called Binary Secret Millionaire Bot video and reading the site content, there is nowhere it stated how they generate their signals. No trading algorithm anywhere and that can convince anybody that the software is indeed scientific and or reliable. There is no real evidence that anybody has earned a dime using the system. It does not even provide anybody the opportunity to try it before using as some systems do. Instead of earning money with Millionaire Bot software, chances are highly likely you may end up loosing your initial deposit. We can always tell when we see a fraudulent trading system. Search this bot and you would be surprised at the number of paid positive reviews on the internet. This application and the website that host it tends to be endorsed mainly by those sites known to endorse fake trading apps. For the fact that notorious sites endorsed millionaire Bot App system, it will always stand out as a scam proof.


Verdict – Binary Secret Trading App is a Scam

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From our investigations for this Secret Profit Method Review we found plenty of evidence to show that it is not to be trusted. This free offer is made up of false names, bogus credentials, fake testimonials and pressure tactics to pressurize people into funding an account, without having time to consider what exactly they are getting into. We can only conclude that this offer from 2016 Method App has been set up as a pure scam.


If you are newcomer to binary options industry we definitely recommend you stay clear of bogus services like the Secret Method App. If you seriously consider starting a binary options trading carrier we advise signing with direct binary options regulated broker like TopOption. Please make sure to trade only with money you can afford to lose and wont damage your personal status!


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For better alternatives, please visit our Recommended Signals Page and for those who are completely new to online trading, the best way to start is with a Free Demo Account. Learn how to trade and get a feel for binary options, if you see yourself as a day-trader, it’s a great way to make money. In our opinion you would be better off looking at our review on Citidel Ltd App or the Virtnext Application which have received more positive testimonials.

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