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Binrobot Lady Review : Scam Binary Robot Exposed !!

Binrobot Lady Review.  Binrobot Lady is the latest software to be released in the Binary Options Market Place.  This trading application is a deceptive scam that tries to perceive its to be a Lady Android.  Our observations very suspicious Bin Robot indicate a very severe red-flag about the nature of this software and what the detrimental effect it can have on serious investor who may fall into the Ladies Bandwagon.


Our Unbiased Review on the Binrobot Lady App will look at the FACTS and Evidence exposing everything about the trading system. The BinRobot Lady Software which tries to cultivate itself as a software that bears no upfront subscriptions and still manages to produce market-beating returns is actual fact covers up the real gist of the true motives behind the system. As always, with such bogus apps we were able to discover a number of scamming elements and disturbing facts which point to the fact that Binrobot Lady scam System being untrustworthy and dubious overall.

Binrobot Lady Review – Scam Binary Robot Lady Abi Exposed! 


Official Binrobot Lady scam website:

BinRobot-Lady Review


How Does BinRobot Lady Work?

The BinRobot-Lady predominately a Binary Options Software set work in complete auto pilot works by sourcing signals using pre-determined trade selection process and proceeds to trade on behalf of its client once conditions of a signal are met as per its programming language.  The software suggests it uses a combination of trend, RSI, MACD, Stoch and CCI during the decoding process.  Unfortunately, for users this does not guarantee whether the Binrobot Lady app works or it uses these indicators properly.


While Binrobot Lady Scam is described as a 2 in 1 system, The website is filled up with what seems to be pretty standard information that you find in most application these days.  This software doesn’t give an honest description of what this Binrobot Lady software is or how it works. This is pretty much a big omission and does not indicate a true software which provides value to its end users.  This is also further evidence of a red-flag.


Who’s behind this Binrobot Lady Scam?

Hi, I am an automatic robot Abi. This is how website refers to it.  Critically note a glaring lack of transparency is missing from this statement. The Binrobot Lady website is lacking some crucial information which normally hints on the truthfulness of a website and its operators. Who is behind this auto trader? What credentials does her lady have when it comes to Binary Optiontions.  BinRobot or Bin Robot raises our curiosity with some highly unanswered questions but equally it raises suspicion due to lack of information it does convey.  We decided to search information concerning its developers or background in general and found nothing about the organisation behind this software. Enough reasons for this negative Binrobot Lady review.


But you see, no such kind of information is available on this Binrobot-Lady website. This shows the level of craftiness that these guys are employing, hoping to steal a significant amount of money from you. Take note of the fact that this robot is described in first-person. Do you see anything unusual about it? Well, we are 100% convinced that this is a tactic which they are using to destruct you from asking who owns this software. And since we have no idea about who owns Binrobot Lady scam App, we can’t vouch for it or ask anyone to sign up. That would be suicidal!


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Date of registration betrays the whole story

Binrobot Lady Abi which also host a Russian website equivalent suggests the website was not developed several years ago but just under a year ago. According to domain registration portal whois this website was registered on 14th August 2016, last year. Our honest Binrobot Lady review also found that the website still continues to spread malicious claims that Binrobot Lady app has helped thousands of traders make life-changing sums of money.


False success stories of Binrobot Lady System 

The owner of this scam says that Binrobot Lady app makes several thousands of dollars a day. It claims to have won 5 international awards and continues to strive at an 87% accuracy level.  However, Our transparent Binrobot Lady review found these success stories are false. And what exactly is 94.577 traders? Should this not be a whole number.


BinRobot-Lady Scam App


Abi, the Scam Android, clearly is a fake.  Hovering down the website we noticed a few testimonials Alexandra (42) Ukraine, Victor (30) Russia and Lika (45) Belarus.  All these individuals claim to have earned decent returns on their investments, ROI.  However, for us simply copying and pasting text to pictures does not substantiate to real evidence the website works.


BinRobot-Lady Scam Testimonials


Don’t let the fake testimonials provided on or fool you. The images potrayed are not legit. The photos are most likely used by various websites not associated with Binary Options Trading.


Review Verdict: BinRobot-Lady is a Scam! 



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