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Black Swan Technology Scam Review! Dangerous Software App Exposed!! 

The Black Swan Technology is a definite software that is not only dangerous but will peck you dry if you are not too careful.  The software created by the alleged ‘owner’ Donald Brock follows a ‘profit guarantee’  theme  that we have  previously exposed as fake and not at all authentic for the purposes of Binary Options Trading.


As much as we would like to provide a positive endorsement we feel this verdict is unjustified as try as we might we cannot ignore the facts that lay before us when we look at the black swan software critically as an investment tool. Before we come to all that let us start by observing the swan technology which is supposed based on a black swan theory guarantee’s certificate and comparing this to another similar scam that we exposed a while ago in the form of The Aussie Method.  Notice the Similarities.


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Black Swan Technology Profit Guarantee


Both trading applications providing guarantees, with a 100% satisfaction guarantees.  This application which is hosted via the website does not really provide confidence in the software’s capabilities despite all these guarantees and promises. $6,154 or more is clearly an over-top statement that is mentioned to entice new traders into the industry.  The $1,000 a day from his own pocket is a reference that is to a welcome bonus that most brokers would offer but we refrain from encouraging traders due to the high volume turnover that comes stipulated with the alleged ‘free gift’ that would need to be met before traders would be eligible to unlock any profits.


Let’s have a look at a couple of more facts that we found during our research for our review to prove that the Black Swan Technology Software based upon the black swan theory is just another scam being released. First the term Black Swan Technology which is created under the name of a reputable Black Swan Technologies LLC.  We  are pretty certain this company would not be impressed by this firm trying to make a mark under its brand name.  Next we shall debunk the alleged founder Donald Brock the  so ‘called CEO.’


Black Swan Technology Scam Points Exposed!!

The so  called creator of the Black Swan Technology App we noted tries to be all humanitarian by giving bonuses to new traders is no more just an image that has been cut and paste by the real fraudsters who remain anonymous and should stay that way in our opinion for trying to bring this industry which can be profitable under the right guidance and stewardship into disrepute.


Black Swan Technology Profit Guarantee

Further Evidence of Dis-conformity Exposed!!

We feel that this evidence alone is sufficient to warrant that the Black Swan Technology scam verdict.  But we feel that before we provide this recommendation we will take a quick note check on some other observations that we read and noted with regards to the infrastructure and customer testimonials in reference to this review.


Prestige Binary Options in their depiction provides a case study that identifies the premises that is publicised on the web page is not authentic.  In reference to this statement in reference  to the organisation. “Whats disturbing is the lack of information regarding Donald’s company, aka Black Swan Technology, which doesn’t appear on any searches, except for related articles discussing this particular trading software. The mere fact Google cannot recognise this establishment as a documented organisation reveals the sole fact this company is non-existent.”


Binary Options Elite Club provided an in-depth look at the testimonials found in their research that the testimonials surrounding this application were fake.  All the  images surrounding the reviews supporting this application were in fact stock images that bears no resemblance to genuine beta testers that can be independently verified by way of a real televised demonstration.


Binary Options Spot looked in addition to criticising  the founders roots and testimonials authenticity by assessing the algorithm that the software is programmed to function with. In their review they claim the app when executing trades is based on unknown historical pattern called the black swan. The pattern is described to be occurring on all assets after major fall. We assume is some king of pullback strategy.


Last do not be intimidated by the ‘by the geo targeted notation that this application is free to try as this software like many others can only be activated  by depositing funds with the associated broker.  In relation to the evidences outline and the facts surrounding this software we find this application very much stereotypical of trading application that best are avoided!!


Verdict: Black Swan Technology

Not recommended for Testing! 

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Please share your feedback below this  binary options trading software review if you have any questions or feedback related to the above service. If you really want to make money through binary options, there are useful software’s that you can use to make money. Do not buy any program like this Scam App because the sales page promises you that you would make millions.


Strongly based on this Binary Bank roll trading app we recommend that you avoid this app and if you have any questions or feedback relating to this new offer, be sure to share it with us under this post. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklisted page. Should you wish to try an auto trading software that comes with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend Copy Buffett App


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