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Blazing Speed Trader Software Review; Blazing Scam?

This review of Blazing Speed Trader will look to provide an in-depth overview into this new binary options scam that has been recently launched in the binary options market place. It is presented by Johan Strand who claims to be a former NASA employee and former mathematics professor.


In his introduction he claims to have created a binary options robot, called Blazing Speed Trader. It allegedly is capable of making you $20,000 per day. According to the cases, there have been days when it was generating $50 000 for each of its clients. In this review will look to analyses and critique the portal that is the blazing speed trader app.  We will also look to demolish any claims by providing an outlook that this claims made by Johan Strand are simply too “out there” to be considered realistic even among the most veteran traders.


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Risk Warning!!
“General Risk Warning: The monetary administrations gave by this site convey an abnormal state of hazard and can bring about the loss of every one of your assets. You ought to never contribute cash that you can’t stand to lose.”


Blazing Speed Trader scam

In reality Blazing Speed Trader is a scam and Johan Strand a scam artist. In fact, Blazing Speed Trader is just a clone of the Blazing Trader scam that was launched and marketed in 2016. A copy and paste scam this application really does not warrant much hypothesis, in fact nothing really takes our interest with this app other than the outlandish claims that they make regarding the performance potential of this application.


Blazing Speed Trader Review Scam



The creator behind this software, Johan Strand, is of course a phony character.  The actor who portrays him is a known presenter to have worked and associated with similar scams of the past. He guarantees that he has shown understudies as an educator of arithmetic sciences. During the presentation video, a man named Jordan Strand say that he is the CEO and owner of Blazing Speed Trader software. When he tells us about his background, he says that he spent several years working at the National Institute of Technology, NIT, in Zurich, Switzerland. Along these lines, it’s just protected to expect this is a lie since that claim has never been supported by true data.


Blazing Speed Trader Scam Review

One of the most ludicrous claims made by Jordan Strand, the alleged CEO and owner, is that using Blazing Speed Trader software is 100% risk free to the user. This would mean that using this app would provide you with totally perfect ITM rates. In other words, the claim here is that the app will never lose a trade thanks to risk free 100% accuracy.


Blazing Speed Trader Review

Blazing Trader guarantees that there might be 100 individuals and urges us to join, while regardless we can. Be that as it may, the site says there are more than 5000 user accounts. Presently, what statement is true? There are likewise the phony cases for news scope. We uncovered that neither BBC, nor CNN, nor Bloomberg has published anything about the Blazing Trader Review. Those badges are fake and misleading.


Testimonials and reviews

No scam would be complete without fake testimonials. Therefore Blazing Speed Trader had to show you some. On the website you will find three people and their stories about making money with this program. But they of course are fake. Scammers used stock photos with fake stories. Look at our picture to see the proof.


Fraudsters are so lazy nowadays that they utilized the first video, and they just made another site with the Blazing Speed Trader Review logo. Check out a Similar Scam with similar photos to Blazing Trader =  Lie Detector Millionaire


Lie Detector Millionaire


Blazing Speed Trader Review Conclusion

Blazing Speed Trader is a dirty scam made to make you deposit and lose money with a broker that has no licence. Stay away from it! Make no mistake, you can make money in trading, but it takes some time and learning before you get profitable. If you are interested in it, start on a with a regulated broker. If you are looking for suitable alternatives with positive results, we  can recommend the Maximus Edge EA Review.


Maximus Edge Platform



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