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Brit Method and Canuck Method are the same SCAM!

The developers of the questionable services, Brit Method and Canuck Method are exceptionally lazy. They recycled the same SCAM and gave it different names. In this review we gathered plenty of facts, leading us to a solid conclusion that this software is completely worthless and a big waste of time and money.


The Brit Method Review

Brit Method Logo

Brit method is a new binary options trading system introduced by Jason Taylor. According to Jason, he is going to share with people a way to make millions of dollars by working in the binary options market. You don’t need any experience for this purpose. All you have to do is sign up and you will start making money within an hour.

The website asks an initial deposit of $350 as an initial investment.  Jason Taylor claims that the system was developed with the user in mind. The system looks for favourable opportunities within the financial market executes trades automatically on behalf of the traders. It is claimed that the system can reach accuracy levels of up to 97% and traders have been making around $3539 every single day.


Jasontaylor Brit Method


The Brit Method has been created for the UK traders unlike The Aussie Method that has been created for the Australian and The Saffa Method for the South Africans traders. This time, The Brit Method team has changed the presented video in their main page to a different pitch video than the others in order to take control on the UK traders market.

This new service is a new fully automated signals service in the binary options industry. The owner this time is Jason Taylor and he claims that The Brit Method can easily generates hundreds of thousands of pounds in the next 30 days and if you will fail to make this amount of money he will pay you £10,000 in cash right out of his own pocket.


Brit Method Ranking


The Canuck Method Review


Canuck Method & Brit Method


The Canuck Method promises very high and quick returns to traders. But does this Binary Robot work or is The Canuck Method a Scam?The Canuck Method is nothing new. Sure it was just released in the last month but the same exact offer has been around for a while now.

The Canuck Method was invented for the Canadian binary options traders only. Since not all of the brokers in the industry accept traders from that region, the team behind The Canuck Method was created it in order to address the problem by creating a new “automated” signals service for those traders. This service is now joining to his relatives The Aussie Method, The Saffa Method and The Brit Method.

This time the owner and developer of The Canuck Method is Jake Mason, and as you already know from our previous scam review he is also the owner of The Saffa Method. The presented video on their website is exactly the same as all the others. As we said earlier it was built in order to address the broker’s connection since the regulation problem of each and every broker they have in their list. So, if you are a Canadian trader you will get the same scam service as the Australian and the South African trader with no difference at all.

Up until now we have no idea how The Canuck Method works, how it looks like and even what its win rate except that it’s an automated signals service. The “real” testimonials and the supporting messages that you have probably saw on their website is 100% fake and was made in order to make you think it might be true. And the profile picture of Jake Mason is exactly the same as all of the others and has been taken from, a website for business development.

We even took one step further and have made a search in Alexa in order to understand better The Canuck Method population targeting, and as you can see below the paragraph, the team behind the service are definitely targeting the Canadian traders although it exactly the same service that was offered to the South African and the Australian trader, but now you have the proof in front of your eyes.

Canuck Method Brit Method Ranking


Jake Mason used to be Jake Pertu of Australia and they even have a triplet named Jason Taylor. No, not Jason Mason but Jason Taylor from the UK.It sounds confusing but it all shows that The Canuck Method is a scam.

I’m not going to write an entire article exposing this scam because I’ve already written about The Aussie Method, the offer where this method originated.

The Aussie Method Complaints

We have come across several complaints about the Brit’s equivalent Method the Aussie Method auto binary trading system. The first one is that the creator claims that the system is free, but an initial deposit of $350 is required to get access to the system. Even after traders make the deposit, they get no formula that can help them make lots of money in binary trading. In fact, a large number of traders have lost their investment by using this automated system.

The Brit Method and Canuck Method, they are actually the same exact site as the Aussie Method, which we previously exposed, see: The Aussie Method SCAM – complete review.

Notice how the and are replicas of by “Jake Pertu”. What kind of a joke are they playing on us? Are they really that lazy? Below the review we posted on the original “Aussie” version, we noticed more than a few testimonials by real traders who failed miserably and concluded that it’s a bogus fraud!

The Aussie Method video is full of $5 Fiverr’s paid testimonials, down this paragraph you can see proof of one of these actors who gave “real” and “human” testimonial for their huge profits after 30 days of using the software. Why should they employed an external actors instead of real and live proof in order to endorse their product? If The Aussie Method is so good and profitable as Jake said “Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars” isn’t it should be a piece of cake to bring one of their real traders/users/millionaires for real and live evidence?


Fake Testimonial Aussie Brit Method


If you are trading from the UK, the developer’s name is “Jason Taylor” , for Canadians he goes by “Jake Mason” and in case you reside in Australia, the developer’s name is “Jake Pertu”, yet the picture is still the same on all 3 scam versions on this ridiculous triple fraud site. Since we already know that the Australian version was a ‘major FAIL’ and have every reason to believe that it’s a scam, have no doubt at all that the Brit Method and Canuck Method are the same worthless virtual rubbish…


Verdict: The Brit, Canuck and Aussie Method are the same SCAM!

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If you found this review, you are already on the right track since doing research is really important before you invest money with any signals service or binary options brokers. At this point we would advice our readers to avoid this scam bots, the claims of generating huge profits for short period is something that doesn’t sit well with us. If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist. If you have any experience with this auto-trader please share your experience , this will help us assess the validity of this software.


Low Deposit Broker - Brit Method Alternative


For better alternatives to the new Brit Method and Canuck Method, visit please visit our Recommended Signals Page and for those who are completely new to online trading, the best way to start is with a Free Demo Account. Learn how to trade and get a feel for binary options, if you see yourself as a day-trader, it’s a great way to make money. Stay safe and stay away from the Canuck, Aussie and Brit Method! Thank you for taking a moment to read this review.

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  • If one;s stupid enough to believe the arseholes, then you quite probably deserve what you get. The least he could have done is get believable actors. ‘What is the world coming to’?!

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