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Bytes Capital Group
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Bytes Capital Group System Review

HYIP Scam App Busted!!

Bytes Capital Group is the latest scam to be launched in the financial market industry.  This trading application which promises substantial returns within a short time frame does not inspire us with confidence that we can substantiate.  In this review we will be looking at the Bytes Capital Group System comprehensively and confirm detailed facts that we have observed and recorded for the purposes of this review.  We would encourage any one who might have seen, heard or curious about this application marketed as an investment opportunity to read our read our review in its entirety as we feel the data we have gathered is relevant and helps will aid any decisions surrounding this organisation and its product range.


The Bytes Capital Group firm that allegedly specialises in Bitcoin Markets, a type of crypto currency considers this to be a safe and stable income for investors to generate 4% daily profit.  Bitcoin a type of digital asset and payment system created as a reward for payment processing work in which users offer their computing power to verify and record payments into a public ledger. The system is between peer-to-peer and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary.  This company Bytes Capital which specialises in mining assets like this crypto currency suggest they have been in Operation since 2015.


Bytes Capital Group


Why Bytes Capital Group Scam? Facts!!

In this section we will look to expose real evidences surrounding this organisation and the services it offers.  The first anomaly we found whilst we were gathering our data is to assess the software’s incorporation date.  Bytes Capital Group a web based application hosted via the platform page according to was created on the 5th August 2016 making the site less than month ago far less then the over a year insinuation they insinuate on their FAQ section.


They consider their primary advantage the provision of a legal share certificate for all investors with any amount of deposit. The Bytes Capital Group Management suggest they offer tailored packages as well as risk control system to ensure that their funds are being handled efficiently and they are getting higher levels of safety. According to companies house this company which operates under Bytes Revolution Ltd (09586452) has an incorporation date of 12th May 2015.  We are unsure of what this company was doing between when the firm was incorporated and the websites activation date or if this HYIP is associated with this firm for definite .

Bytes Capital Group


We seriously doubt that this firm has 23000 plus investors given the website has only been functional for under a month.  The company which guarantees a 4% daily return and suggests they have insurances in place totalling 175 million to cover every investor is a complete false statement.


Furthermore there are no real or verifiable testimonials that we can use to support claims by an already established suspect Bytes Capital Group firm.  Given the lack of evidence we have no alternatives but not to recommend product packages featured or recommended by this institution.

Review Verdict: Bytes Capital Group

Not recommended for Testing! 

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