Cambridge Method Scam Review

Cambridge Method Scam
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Cambridge Method Scam Review; Red Flagged Software App Exposed!

Cambridge Method Scam Review:

The Cambridge Method Software is the latest binary options trading software to be released in the market place.  However during our research into the Cambridge Method App we were unfortunately found ourselves witnessing many of the characteristics that are normally associated with scams as we found whilst exposing past blacklisted apps.


Cambridge Method software is an automated trading platform and with such a high prestigious name behind the Cambridge brand this software is disappointing because it is a scam. It like its hottest competitor the Oxford Method are both Scams as they both provide an unreliable service that promises thousands of dollars a day but falls short on this.


The Cambridge Method software Instant  uses lies and manipulation to get users to trade with this platform. As well, any positive reviews you find about this platform are fabricated.We would encourage any would investors who are interested in signing up to the Cambridge Method System to read our review in its entirety before making any investment decision about this trading application.


Cambridge Method Scam


Cambridge Method Scam Points

  • Fake scarcity counter: yes
  • Browser pop ups: No
  • Fake testimonials: yes
  • Impossible profits: yes
  • Looks authentic: no
  • Believable evidence of profits: no
  • Scam possibility: 100 percent
  • Profit Guarantee identified: yes


Why is the Cambridge Method SCAM?

The Cambridge Method which all started with James Hockton, who claims to be working as a Risk Analyst Modeler in the London stock exchange, 4 years ago. He Claims to be offering the Cambridge Software to new users to try for a period of 6 months. Once the free membership will expire and your balance will be on a minimum of £10,000, the Method will be suspended and you would be required to buy a premium membership for the amount of £512 a year.


In this Cambridge Method Review we will not go too much in depth into the offer as we would end up just repeating ourselves as we have done on numerous occasions with similar offers of this nature. We`ll point some of the scam elements that we have seen with Cambridge targeted auto trader, just so you are well versed on why this software is not to be trusted and should be avoided to avoid being caught up in the net.


  • James Hockton the alleged CEO of the Cambridge Method Software is not a real trader who works for LSE (London Stock Exchange) but a stock photo which has been used by the anonymous to try and make the whole Cambridge method scam more authentic then it really is.
  • The whole feed showing Twitter and Facebook positive endorsements as you scroll down the Cambridge Method App website are in fact just hard coded widgets where photos are matched to text using photo editing software.  In no time during the video do we see and real evidence whilst conducting this Cambridge Method Review and real demonstration.  This is just another developer’s ploy to gain credibility for Cambridge Method scam by those positive comments.
  • The Enticement in terms of the $10,000 Guarantee boldly highlighted on the Cambridge Method App Website , the 97.6% Accuracy Results and claims of this system being 100% Safe are further cases that this site is not at all created by a professional trader. The Guarantee that they mention is in fact a redemption criteria that has requires a high turnover requirement.  The Safety element and the high accuracy rates are not genuine or probable given the high risk and volatile the trading market is.
  • Do Not be Enticed by the results these are not authentic or real time as they tend to not show the currency asset , or makes any sense in the context of the Binary Options Trading.  All the trades we noted were greater then circa £1,000 which indicates very high stake trades that could be equated to compounding or martingale which tends to be very risk and proof even more so that this application is dangerous and of high risk.



Cambridge Method Scam


Fake Luxurious Cayman GTI– Cambridge Method System

One final is the Cayman that is being used to make this Cambridge Method Review look more of an enticing offer is that it is not owned outright but more of a show piece that has been put for decorative purposes. Forget about the luxurious life that this creator promises and pictures for you. If there is anyone who will profit from this application it will be the scam developers who prefer to remain anonymous but still actively employing shady characters and agents to do their dirty deeds for them and find potential victims who are not in the know of their deceitful motives. Our research did not come up with any indicative results to show this was authentic.


Review Verdict: Cambridge Method Scam

   Not recommended for Testing!

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