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Centument Review and In-Depth Analysis

Centument seems to be be having a lot of buzz recently and we at Binary Umpire are ecstatic by the initial feedback that have been received on this auto trader. This review will look providing a comprehensive review of the most talked about Auto Trader and provide an in-depth analysis on this software and why we feel that the initial views of optimism by critics are justified.


Centument Auto Trader – The new real deal!

Centument, as it stands is a newly develop binary options software that is set to launch this month. The CEO behind the software seems to have created to what we believe to be one of the most innovative auto trader in the market.  The people responsible for this unique software have created a brand that we feel can place Centument in the map as one of the best technology companies!


The Presentation

We have reviewed and witness lots of binary options scams and we can honestly say it is very rare to come across such a legitimate Algo-trading system!! In the last 3 years we uncovered many fake offers more of which you can find on our BO Blacklist Red Page, the Centument.com on the contrary is a software is not one of them. Instead this software is more refreshing and more genuine from the outset, compared to those fakes.

You can use the application manually or on auto pilot, by investing in a minimum starting capital of $250. You seriously can’t go wrong with this auto trader, Gerarld Reed clearly stated that centument software can generate you around $650 upwards within the next hour to start with and much more as time goes by.  This we feel is something completely possible unlike other binary options scams that claim to make you a millionaire overnight.


Centument Software

Centument Software



After looking at what beta testers elsewhere have achieved over a span of 40 days we reached a solid conclusion on the software. In our opinion this software is not only accurate, Centument is one of the most profitable services in the binary options industry.


Centument Testimonials

On the Centument website you will find a series of endorsement badges which reflect the quality that this site has to offer and indicates and  stamps more confirmation and verifies ours and the opinion of the readers who wrote to us on the optimism that surrounds this software.


Centument Badges of Quality



Trading at work can be a real hassle and sometimes very time consuming. Trading does require patience and being selective on the high probability trades. With this software it will make things a lot easier to multi-task.  We also found connections of the Centument software to Bloomberg which is completely outstanding. Centument has made sure to make this auto trader efficient and tested by many traders which gains them more credibility than those scams that rely on fake actors and deceitful reviews.


  • Bloomberg-“This is the new Crown Prince for trading software. …our account turned $250 into more than $12,000 by day’s end. …a whole new era for average traders.”
  • CNN Money-“Centument LTD rolls out their new Assets Trading program, and it could not come at a better time! THIS easy-to-use program will make the users very, VERY wealthy!”
  • Money-“JP Morgan, Goldman & Berkshire WISH they could make money this easy! Centument LTD’s new software could turn a child into a Millionaire trader in weeks!


The Centument Auto Trader is completely transparent and has detailed reporting of its members success available for your viewing. This sort of transparency should be highly noted as is not something you will find from a typical binary options scam.  It’s not often that we post a positive review on a binary options service, as many of them are misleading but after looking at the evidence and seeing what our research has shown we can empirically and beyond any reasonable doubt, break the news to the on line trading community, that we’re dealing with a reliable software!  If you would like to consider other suitable alternatives, we encourage to take a look at our Recommended Signals.  Please feel free to comment below this post.


Thank you for reading our Review on the Centument System

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