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Channel Ranger SCAM.. Facts Revealed!!

Channel Range Scam Review. With the economy being the way it is , the need for new, better , efficient and accurate way for traders to invest with the prospect of earning a good revenue on a consistent basis is becoming increasing warranted and necessary. However, there are those that may interpret this demand in a ruthless fashion and take advantage through the art of deception for their own personal gain;  in steps in the Channel Ranger.


The Channel Ranger had initially launched on the 17th of November .  We did not think much of it since its inception but over the recent weeks we have noticed that the level of negativity and bad press towards this software and its developers has increased.  This negativity should act as a caution however that something is not right.  This article will look towards looking at this software in more depth and find out why there has been so much bad press toward this app. We encourage all our readers to review this article in its entirety before making any decisions about this software. We will also provide a few words of caution, sort of a check list  so that our readers do not fall into the trap of dodgy auto trader or rogue brokers.


Channel Ranger Scam



What is the Channel Ranger?

Let’s begin by trying to understand what Channel Ranger App is before evaluating why we think it is up to no good. Channel Ranger in short is a binary options software product that has been created presumably by a developer who goes by the name of Devin Miles.  The idea of channel ranger is to try and exploit the Binary Options Trading market and in turn reduces your risks and increases your rewards.  This is the official statement of the promoters behind Channel Ranger.   We at Binary Umpire would of course like to look at things a bit more critically and in-depth before making our own judgement.


It maybe possible that you might have been contacted by an email marketeer or heard about this product through search engines or social media networks such as you tube or Facebook.


The reason why the Channel Ranger APP has the name it does, is because this software supposedly surveys all the channels within the Stock Market to find a price channel. A price channel is basically a range or channel whereby the an asset moves to and from given that no fundamental news alerts are forecast or due to happen within a short frame of time.  In a similar way to the way that a basketball will bounce regularly from a hand to the ground, from the ground to a hand as suggested by the promoter the promo video.


The Channel Ranger software suggests it operates in a new type of market – The Sideways Market. This new market is very different from the volatility of the normal market. It is a channel of stability where 20 bounces from Call to Put could earn up to $6K for a trader. When one channel runs out the super pattern-recognition method of the system roams the Stock Market again, until it finds another channel. This  is what they want us to believe.


Exposing the Channel Ranger?

The Channel Ranger auto trader by Devin Miles is a malicious scam that is gaining a lot of undue attention.  Perhaps the most disturbing truths regarding the Channel Ranger would be the vast network of scam marketers and affiliates who are currently pushing this binary options software as the new latest and greatest software.  These tactics are really frustrating as it does not give neither any impartial review or any alternatives which might be more suited to a new or existing trader.


The team at Channel Ranger as the promo video suggests have spent years collating and gathering information with a view to depicting repeating patterns.  It is suggested that the app. can produce roughly 80 to 200 trades per day . The Channel Ranger App tends to  prefer 60 second trades compared to longer time-frames.


The 60 second trades as most seasoned traders are aware of is one of the riskiest trades that one can trade especially in a dynamic market or in a flat market.  Market makers play consistent games to outmanoeuvre retail trades by creating a false sense of security and quickly changing the direction of an asset in the opposite direction.  The only way to correctly analyse markets in such situations is to observe the asset over a higher time frame such as the 1 hour or 4 hour charts.


One of the most ridiculous guarantees regarding the Channel Ranger binary options scam would be how they claim that you can make between $6,000 to $11,000 per week . These are false expectations.  The developers here are simply trying to entice you to sign up with no remorse.


Channel Ranger Results


You see what many novice binary options investors fail to realize is that the marketeers of such products do not care anything apart from getting commissions from the developers even it means ‘bending the truth.’  From poor testimonials to a made-up “sharing is caring” philosophy, the terrible truth about the Channel Ranger fraud is that its true nature is clouded and congested with so many lies and poor  quality, that we find it “so much so” frustrated.


As many of you are new to binary options please be sure to read this review  first as we start analysing this software more deeply before making any decisions on whether or not it would be worth signing for.


Would You Trade on the Channel Ranger System ?

Considering the negative reviews and the declarations that the Channel Ranger APP is a scam, it would be dangerous and not worth while to trade using this site. There are just to many anomalies that we feel that the whole software is a scam. so many factors that have been proved to be false:


The identity of Devlin Miles is uncertain as we could not find much about him other than on review pertaining to this application; chance are that he does not exist and maybe a paid actor whose picture and voice maybe used to market to other traders.


The actual website does not contain a lot of real content, so it is not possible to verify any this system. The testimonials are also false and deceptive towards to new and existing traders. When we look at this more closely we noticed that Joel ( showing below) is a fiction of imagination instead.


Next lets focus he website. Though a first glance we noticed a series of of trades that show  at the bottom of the Channel Ranger scam. We do not know the authenticity to this as the information is far too vague to identify and correctly cross-check whether a trade was profitable.  Look closer and you’ll see we’re not actually presented with any valuable information at all. has failed to give any details on any of the trades it has apparently executed. This means that it is not possible or for anyone for that matter to ever verify any of the profits!


Second of all there is very little content on the website. Good services always have a great deal of content and it will generally leave the user without any questions about the service. In this we are left with all sorts of questions.


VERDICT: Channel Ranger software is a SCAM!


Channel Ranger also claims to make an impractical amount of trades. Between 80-200 per day is a heck of a lot of trades you’d need thousands available in your account to even place that many trades if they overlapped. The earth shattering Channel Ranger scam uses a poor methodology for currency trading long term. Channel trading requires low volatility which is fairly uncommon to find in the highest volume market in the world (Currency pairs).


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