Citidel Ltd Vs Tauribot App Software Performance Review

Citidel Vs Tauribot- Battle of the Bulls
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Citidel Ltd Vs Tauribot App Follow-up Review!

Citidel Ltd Vs Tauribot App Performance Review:- The Citidel Ltd and the Tauribot App are both new auto trading services that have come recently to our life and they are definitely a refreshing change in the binary options industry. We have traded with both of these auto traders since they have been released to the public, and uploaded an initial reviews in order to spread the word to all of our loyal readers and of course to all of the binary traders. And today in this battle of the bulls review we are about to reveal our general experience with these auto traders.   We also decided to post a follow-up review and also to get your feedback so as to determine which service is better out of the two auto-bots in question.


Based on our own testing and credible reports by Day-Traders, we know that the software generates less than the advertised performance of 92% ITM rate but they are still keeping the trades winning ratio over 80%, which is all you really need to generate profit with binary options. on the other hand is generating  the same number of daily signals with around the same winning ratio as its rival.  Citidel Ltd  is a well-known and reputable software that is not new, they are backed by large institutions and provide members with great support, new members get a Free Webinar + Access to a Live Conference. The testing period have also managed to generate around 82%-83% ITM, above most services and definitely not the typical 50% you will be getting from bogus services!


Since we produced this articles we noticed a few blog’s dis-refuting the above services.  The main reason is that traders unfortunate are not using this software that makes them work to their optimum efficiency and putting to much on one trade.  We have always said to invest the minimum and not stack to much on one trade.  Gradual growth is the only way any trade can ensure consistent profits are being generated.


It is important to realise that auto traders can never replace manual signalling where more elements can be added into signal generation but as its stands these two systems do tend to perform better on average compared to other shady auto-traders we recently reviewed such as the binary freedom formula and the Zulander Hack trading apps.




The Tauribot App

We will start  our battle of the bulls first with our latest review, the Tauribot app which we have definitely support it and encourage every binary options trader to trade with, so if you haven’t read our Tauribot App Review you are most welcome to do so now.  We are satisfied and happy with the accuracy of this fully automated signalling software provides.  The Tauribot App being sponsored by Chicago University truly takes us into a new league of binary options systems. With so much data and competition in the industry today, we feel that this software truly is unique compared to its competitors. Even though this innovation does not promise to make you millions over night or in a short period of time, it does however promise you a good return on your investment.


The overall Trading Performance of the Tauribot trading software is a great surprise!. We will continue to test the Tauribot for a few more weeks, and will be doing a performance review based on our long-term results with the Tauri Bot system. A simple video as presented by the Binary Options Sheriff as seen on the Binary Options Sheriffs Tauribot Review shows how this app is supposed to work.



Dr Steven Archer and  Ian Tauraski are what makes this system a profitable auto-trader, it’s capable of fighting the most volatile markets and is consistently providing ITM results that will make your account always stay on green.  Designed with simplicity in mind, the Tauribot App is fully automated, simple to use and literally anyone can easily use it without complicated charts and built-in indicators, technical analysis knowledge, background or status, the Tauribot software will work for anyone who qualifies to join.

How to sign up with Tauribot?

1. Clear your browser cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) in order to avoid any problems during the registration process.

2. Enter your real name and Email after watching the inital video presentation by clicking on the banner below .

3. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker.

4. Start making money with Tauribot on complete auto trading mode!


Tauribot App



Well the website is not something amazing it’s simple and clean, the whole approach by the Tauribot APP development team indicates a level of professionalism we expect from any binary options broker and or software provider.


The Citidel Ltd Software

The Citidel Ltd software, next up,  is clean and smooth and in general it is quite similar to the  Virtnext platform.  We are not sure whether this app will remain as consistent given that this app remains relatively new.  Only time will tell.  From our inital review citidel-investment-app-review up until now we have not experienced with any difficulties in executing a trade or any other kind of issues with its trading platform. A simple video by prestige binary options as seen on their review Prestige Binary Options Citidel Review shows how this app has performed over a short period of time.



Citidel Ltd software is predominantly a market-analyst tool that profits from the high volatility of the market with up to 87 percent in returns with an average of 84%+ ITM Accuracy Guaranteed as we referred to in a recent video of ours. Citidel Ltd App is fully automated and synced to your broker account, it’s currently free + members get access to a free Webinar and a Live Conference. This opportunity is available world-wide, US and Canada and in every country where binary options is not restricted! Mobile apps are available for and you can use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla FireFox or Safari since it’s a web-based software.


How to sign up with the Citidel Ltd Investment App?

1. Clear your cookies (CTRL+SHIFT+DEL) in order to avoid any problems with your assigned broker during the registration step.
2. Enter your real name and Email on in order to open your trading account based on your details.
3. Fund your trading account with your assigned broker (the normal for minimum initial deposit is $250).
4. Start making money with Citidel Ltd Investment App on complete auto trading mode!


Citidel App


At this point, we can highly recommend both and the Software and we plan to continue and trade actively with both. If you are sick and tired of all the bogus services that are coming out ‘left and right’, you should consider either one of the two, or join both with a minimum deposit.  We would love to get some of your feedback, which service do you think is better? The Tauribot or Citidel LTD Trading App? All feedback would be highly appreciated as both are becoming viral and we’re very pleased with the combined performance.


If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist,check out our simple strategies for starters.  If you have any experience with this auto-trader please share your experience, this will help us assess and solidify the validity of these softwares. For newbie traders who would like to start of small check our review on our new lost cost broker Trader Thunder.


Thank you for Reading this review on Citidel Ltd Vs Tauribot App

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