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Coffee Shop Hackdroid Software is a SCAM! Real Warning!

Coffee Shop Hackdroid login Hacked website:

The Coffee Shop Hackdroid system is a binary options auto trading service that has been around since July 2015.   Unfortunately our investigation into this signalling service brings about dark clouds and bitterness upon newbie traders.  The team behind this automated signals system have succeeded to scam a lot of traders who came across with their software.  We would like to apologise to anyone that has been influenced by this software as this is not reminiscent of the binary options trading world as a whole but is more of a bad apple like the many services that we have reviewed that’s main objective is to deceive traders both new and existing by providing misleading information as to the true potential of auto trading software in general.


Stay away from the first moment you receive an invite from their hoards of email marketeers to their specialist blog artist who try to put a positive spin on everything that is so negative about them.   Coffee Shop Hackdroid software may have been released a while back but their impact is catastrophic and there is no visible sight of them stopping.  In this review we will reveal why we feel this app is up to no good.


It is not only an incredibly misleading offer but it’s also hosted and sponsored by some of the worst brokers in the industry.  The fake Auto Traders that are coming out every week making it difficult to post a warning on time.  Online traders and ‘money-making’ opportunities seekers are being conned on a daily basis by this program and we are here to put an end to it or at least prevent the lucky folks who will do a little bit of research on Coffee Shop Hackdroid realize that it’s a scam before it’s too late, from joining this fraudulent website.


Coffee Shop Hackdroid review in brief:

During our investigation we noticed that CoffeeShop HackDroid is synced to very bad reputed unregulated broker named OptionsMaker! There are a lot of evidence that OptionsMaker is fraudulent operation all around the web but one article on ForexPeaceArmy really caught our attention.


The story has begun with a lame story about a hackers attack on Starbucks, the most famous coffee shop in the US and worldwide in general. These hackers have taken control over the Starbucks’ app which means that in every time that your credit has down to zero and you wanted to charge it with an extra bucks for your next orders they were stealing your bank details and use it for their own needs.


Long story short, the team behind the Coffee Shop Hackdroid app have managed to find these hackers, Maxim and Troy. They convinced them to help their developers team to build the most powerful fully automated signals service in the binary options industry in exchange to a reputable profits. So, as you can guess, Maxim and Troy have joined to the Coffee Shop Hackdroid developer’s team and helped them to find the “most powerful algorithm” in the binary options market.


coffee shop hackdroid


The presentation video of Coffee Shop Hackdroid scam is made in extremely manipulative fashion from a voice over actor. “I was struggling on a postal workers’ pension, then the Coffee Shop Hackdroid invite appeared in my inbox. After one month we have $118,559.21 in the bank and are moving to Florida.” Claims like this one are spread all around the website. “$5000 one hour after you sign and invest $250 is another.  These statements as you can guess are overextended, the CoffeeShop HackDroid system will never cover those high expectations.


Coffee shop Hackroid actors a“$5 hacked testimonials”

When we’ve finished to watch the first video of the Coffee Shop Hackdroid at we were then required to enter our full details in order to catch our “free spot”. Then, there was another video with a “real testimonials” from a real and active traders, yea right. If you visit our blacklist page you will then find those faces from the pictures below in a dozens of our scams reviews.


Jessica Mueller, one such actor is a fiverr actor and she makes such looking testimonials for $5. Her previous testimonials included a star studded role in the Aussie Method,  Binary Backdoor , Binary Vault and the Millionaires Maker App to name a few.


Make sure to read a real performances reviews on services you want to trade with, for example, in the past we looked at the Google Trader performance review which did perform better in the long run then what we had initially anticipated.  Yo can find more reviews based on traders’ reports in our trusted signals page.


Jessica from Fiverr:

Coffee Shop Hackdroid TestimonialJessica-1


Can I really make $6000 with Coffee Shop Hackdroid app? Conclusion:-

In the binary options industry no one can make $6000 within the first hour or even in the first day of using the software as they promised. It is possible to make $6000 but not at the pace this system insinuates.  We really encourage our readers and traders to avoid this phony trading system. It is obvious that the people who stand behind CoffeeShop Hackdroid scam are out to deceive people!


False credentials, testimonials made by paid actors, non-existing person promoting the service, many misleading and many impoverished promises. On top of that we have scam broker standing behind them in the face of OptionsMaker, and that’s the only one thy exposed probably the other synced brokers to CoffeeShop Hackdroid Scam are also pretty shady!


If you found this review, you are already on the right track since doing research is really important before you invest money with any signals service or binary options brokers. At this point we would advice our readers to avoid this scam bots, the claims of generating huge profits for short period is something that doesn’t sit well with us.


If you are interested to trade with a broker directly and without the potential risk to lose money with a signals provider, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis. Visit Our Brokers Checklist because there are plenty of unregulated scam brokers in the industry which you can find listed on our Blacklist. If you have any experience with this auto-trader please share your experience , this will help us assess the validity of this software.


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For better signalling app alternatives, please visit our Recommended Signals Page and for those who are completely new to online trading, the best way to start is with a Free Demo Account. Learn how to trade and get a feel for binary options, if you see yourself as a day-trader, it’s a great way to make money.

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