Cognitrade Software Review

Cognitrade Software Review
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Cognitrade Software Review ; Trading Scam App Busted!!

The Cognitrade Software Application as presented by Cameron Doyle is a new offer that is designed to appeal to the binary options industry.  This software how much like the bogus apps preceding it does not offer much factual data that can be trusted and or independently verified.  If you have been approached to try this offer be it via email or other social mediums we would strongly encourage you to STOP, Take a Pause and read over the observations we have gathered and compiled for your leisure before making any investment decisions.


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Cognitrade Trading Software


Based upon initial output from our findings we have found the system to be a complete scam, based on lies and filled with bogus information and fake guarantees from would be Fiverr actors who have probably have little or no knowledge of how this industry works.  In this warning scam review, we will look at the FACTS behindThe Cognitrade Software and the clever ploy used by the would be deceivers used to unravel this product as a gold mine when the reality is far from the perception relayed to the world.


The Cognitive Trading Software Scam Unearthed!!

The story behind the development of the Cognitive Trading Software revolves around a company called Cognitrade Computing Technology.  At the forefront lies Cameron Doyle who claims to be an ex-IBM engineer.  Doyle later decided to head up his own front and now sits as a CEO of Cognitrade.  Over the past 3 years using this software on complete auto-pilot mode, he claims to have generated for himself a $10 million pay packet.  He claims the very same results could be yielded for you .  100% Risk Free , No Losses and $1500 a day on complete auto pilot are all part of the BLOCKBUSTER statements that he tries to shout as selling points to lure investors.


Unfortunately this is where the whole concept really filters out as a step away from reality. Make no mistake that terms like Risk Free and Guarantee cannot be justified as valid statements in an environment that is ridiculed with dynamic economic movements. Furthermore , any statements that are parallel to these bogus SCAM falsely pretense selling points should not be taken seriously especially when it comes to Binary Options Trading .


Don’t get us wrong ?  There is money to be made in the industry and indeed some base their livelyhoods on this.  But to do so one should not simply think this industry is all WIN WIN or LOOSE LOOSE but a mix of the two.  Adapting risk averse strategies are the key as is playing it safe when it comes to waging a percentage of one’s account balance.


Cognitrade Software Review

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Who is Cameron Doyle the Creator of the Cognitrade APP?

Represented as Ex-IBM engineer and CEO of Cognitrade System we tried to perform a due diligence test on the credentials of the main driver behind this system.  Unfortunately given his high profile working for a well established firm we could find anything to suggest that his past experiences were valid or correct.  In fact all the information he posts with related to, regarding its birth just seem magically plucked from the thin air with no substance that can be reliable ascertained.


How the Cognitrade Software works?

The storyline advertised by is explaining how the algorithms are based on Cognitive computer systems. This methodology a practice also adopted by IBM and other large companies makes us to begin wondering and debating things like patents and copyrights that would have been made clear to supposed employees before their employment commences.

Cognitrade Scam


Moreover, the two guys: Dharmandra Modha – Manager Cognitive Computing in IBM and Eric Brown – Director at Watson Technology are not associated with the Cognitrade Software in any way. Any affiliation with these websites are clearly fabricated and simply made up.


The Testimonials of Cognitrade APP – are they genuine?

The user feedback , the testimonials that form an important part of a new visitors making investment decision are evident within the website.  And yes the standards these so called beta testers may sound encouraging if they are genuine.  The Funny thing or not so funny depends on how one looks at it is they are not.  Familiar faces are very much evident when we begin to dive into the testimonials. The user feedback, which the service is receiving after normal people test it.


What we found were two characters, both supporting and giving glowing reviews of this service within the video.  But also from past times we have also grown to know these individuals as paid actors. They are hired from website called, where you can hire such people for $5 to make such testimonials for you! So that pretty much tosses the their reviews out of the window as anything but genuine.


Is Cognitrade a reliable Auto-Trading system?

No, once you register you realize that it’s a signals provider and semi-automated service. Secondly the case for any optimism as to its legitimacy we may have had at the beginning are slowly dwindled down to shreds as we begin turning the blocks one by one.


Cognitrade Scam Review – The Conclusion!

The service promises to make you minimum of $1000 a day on complete autopilot. But during our investigation we found bogus information that is synonymous to scams we have unraveled and unearthed in the past.

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