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Compound Trader Scam Review
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Compound Trader Scam or Legit System? Compounding App Busted!! Firework Facts Revealed

Compound Trader Scam Review:

Compound Trader is a Scam Period. This impartial review will detail out facts on what our research has revealed regarding this software. Doctor Albert Henderson who proudly presents the compound trader app with high esteem is nothing a fake actor who probably has not traded a penny in binary options.  Here is our detailed review of the Compound software. If you are seriously considering investing in this trading application we would discourage it especially if the premise for your decision is solely based on the bad doctors advice.


Compound Trader software predominately is an automated trading platform with the presenter claiming that any potential investor who utilises it to its fullest capacity would benefit from the systems algorithms and generate returns of $770 per hour in hands free mode.  This kind of compounding insinuation is a clear misrepresentation of what a new trader can look to expect from this binary options software.  In his video presentation  he claims that this binary options trading platform trades  minerals such as Iron, Cobalt, Nickel and others. Henderson claims he is a assistant professor of a prestigious university. However, does not mention which one.


Compound Trader Scam Review


If you do not want to end up a potential victim we would encourage you to be alert and heed our warning regarding this Compound Trader Software, we advise you to read the scam points we have highlighted in the next section of this Compound Trader Review very carefully.


Why Compound Trader Software is a Scam?

In the case of Compound Trader App,  the statement of it being a scam has more leverage as opposed to the the case for it to be a legitimate system that is profitable for  the purposes of binary options trading.  We have observed the video from start to finish and could not find one shred of evidence that would hold concrete.  Its like we have the pencil but no sharpener to really make a pinpoint case to support the Doctors claims.  If truth be told there is nothing real about this presentation regarding the compound trader system that can be verifiable as legitimate or authentic.

  • One indication that he cannot be trusted is that you will not find this millionaire online. There is no such person anywhere else on the internet, which leads you to conclude that his character has been created for this Compound Trader software platform.
  • The presenter, Doctor Albert Henderson, was claiming that it took them almost 7 years to complete the whole of the package of the Compound Trader App. He said that during these time  they fine tooth combed all the anomalies making the app a compounding killing machine.   Albert said that they have already an up and running group of beta testing group for the last 6 months and that they are all having great results and each one of them generates at least $12k a day. In reality this is a lie as the website was only recently registered on the 14th July 2016.
  • Compound Trader Employs Fake Testimonials that are neither authentic or genuine beta testers that one an can substantiate as sufficient verifiable evidence that the software is profitable or at its basic works like what this product has been  designed to do as a binary options auto-trading software.
  • One last thing and we are moving to our summary! Take a look at the Facebook feedback at the bottom of the official page and the GPS Trader testimonials. Notice the similarity.  That is correct they area mirror image All the people who testify and the whole feed are fabricated! If, this was a real feed when you click on any name it will lead you into Facebook profile of this person! This integration does not work clearly revealing this phoney testimonials!


Compound Trading ? Risk Reward Payoff

There’s no sure-fire way to determine this dollar figure besides a little trial and error and self-reflection.  Your personal trading abilities come into play in determining how much you’ll be comfortable with risking per trade. General Rule of thumb suggests an investors should not risk more than 2%-5% compared to account size in order to avoid being burnt out too soon and having to re-deposit.  The 2% rule follows the notion that as you win trades and build your account, the money will compound and the 2% rule will naturally increase your position size, and conversely will decrease your position size as you lose.  As you get more exposure and a better understanding of a currency pairs movements the errors will slowly become less and you will notice that 2% becomes sizeable profits that becomes more meaningful and material with time.


The system  has employed a convincing actor to pose as the creator of the platform and persuade you that this Compound Trader software is genuine when in fact as we have seen there is no one ounce of truth in the Compound Systems marketing campaign. It is particularly surprising that there is no much to show for a system that has allegedly made more than $8 million from trading. Forget about the luxurious life that the creator promises. If there is anyone who will profit from this application it will be the scam developers who prefer to remain anonymous but still actively employing shady characters and agents to do their dirty deeds for them and find potential victims who are not in the know of their deceitful motives.


    Review Verdict: Compound Trader Software is a Scam

   Not recommended for Testing!

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