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Crazy ATM is a SCAM! Detailed Review!

Read this important review on the new Crazy ATM scam by a fake SEO “Gordon”! The new software is going insanely viral with the help of shady email marketers. We gathered evidence leading us to a strong conclusion that it’s a losing system. There are many reasons why we believe that will not make you any money, in fact it will wipe your account clean so please read this review carefully if you are considering this offer or binary options in general.


This latest binary trading Software, Crazy ATM is a Scam, Find out the real facts in this review of this software . This fake system has unprofessional opening page, where the visual representation of the trades that can be watched looks like an old-fashioned pinball machine. It is sad to say that this Crazy ATM App seems to be a cheap scam, because maybe the intentions behind it were better than they seem to be.


The usual pay-per-review writers have said the usual things: “This app is your best opportunity in a lifetime.” etc. but most members of the binary trading community know which these sites are and they can recognize the commercial nature of the reviews. The real deal about the Crazy ATM scam is hard to define.


Crazy Atm Software


One the opening page of the Crazy ATM App, describes the easy and then the more difficult methods of trading. These are just the normal automated and manual methods. The voice over, a man named Michael, performs three turbo, or simultaneous trades and follows this with a few manual trades to which he adds the instructions “Just click on Put or Call and that’s all you have to do!” The How to Trade information box makes trading look way too simplistic and once again, there are some spelling and grammatical errors.


Gordon, the fake SEO of Crazy ATM claims that the software is fine tuned to monitor economic news and it will automatically adapt itself to market conditions and place the best bets on your behalf. This big words like “artificial intelligence” may sound like something of star wars fantasy but mostly people today would question vague statements without foundation. Let the force be with you!


The crazy ATM auto trader is taking 60 second trades automatically. You need to choose how many from the five machines you want to trade for you and they place 60 second trades for you. The ABC’s of manual and automatic trading may have roughly been demonstrated on the opening page of the Crazy ATM site, but nothing, including signing on and trading on the software, makes this app look like anything but a scam created by a juvenile with nothing better to do.The fact that crazy ATM is taking 60 sec trades is enough to mark them as a scam! Trading turbo is considered as gambling and there is no auto trading software in the world that can successfully trade such short expiry!


Crazy ATM System


First of all, their video presentation didn’t convince us for one second. As they state “This software continuously monitors economic news and is able to automatically adapt to the market conditions at all times”, again we are being fed with an illusion that a trading software can be synced with imaginary ‘artificial intelligence.’ This Gordon SEO, who doesn’t have a last name or a verified identity, must really think we were all born yesterday.


Crazy ATM Video


We are also convinced that the creators of scam Crazy ATM, have no idea of trading, and they also assume that neither do most traders! If one places close attention to the trading strategy of the female actress of Crazy ATM in their You Tube presentation, you will notice, that the trades she places, pay no consideration to the direction of the trade or the strike price. It is little wonder that their is an ongoing arbitration as to whether binary option is legitimate trading or gambling. Crazy ATM certainly makes trading look like a shady Las Vegas thrill machine.


The Thrills of the Insane ATM

Crazy ATM too Insane


In case you’ve been reading our previous reviews on, you should know that 60 second trades are risky and not recommended on Auto Pilot, as its considered to be complete gambling. Unfortunately there is no technology that can generate successful 60 seconds trades consistently, surely not without any human intervention, as they falsely claim is achievable.


Crazy ATM Review on YouTube exposing the scam!


After you’re done with the introduction video, another video pop-up up with a female trader who is obviously playing along with the scam, this is when all the fun starts. Voice actor placed a total of three trades, one of which was a losing one, but wait..When she placed these trades there is absolutely no info about those position what so ever (Call or Put, Asset price?) nothing. The creators of the Crazy ATM scam are obviously not clever but they may target beginners who may not be familiar with basic online-trading definitions.


It’s also difficult to find much verifiable data about the Crazy ATM software. Where does “Michael”, the voice over man come from? Who is he? What country was this trading site created for? It is always suspicious when the most important pieces of information about a site such as the Crazy Insane ATM Robot are unable to be confirmed and most reviews will conclude that a trading site like this is nothing other than a scam.


We really hope that potential users will read this review before wasting their money, research is important before you sign-up with any binary service or broker. There is really nothing more we can say about the “Crazy Atm…” apart from the fact that it’s a big joke!


Who is endorsing and who is slamming Crazy ATM software ?

It is sad that seriously popular blogs like ITDecisions and the Daily Harrison who rank quite high in Google search would be making an analytical review about Crazy ATM and follow up by endorsing it under the pretext that this Insane ATM is free. There is no such thing as free if you loose your capital.


Other more credible blogs such as Binary Option Watchdog and the Binary Options Sheriff, have no hesitation in exposing this Insane ATM as scam, as we do believe that this would be a more impartial review on this software.


Verdict: Crazy ATM is a SCAM!

aka Pro Money Maker Robot by Gordon…


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