Crypto Code Software Scam Review

Crypto Code Software Scam Review
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Crypto Code Software Review ; Is CryptoCode Scam?

Crypto Code software is supposed to be this brand new high powered and profitable cryptocurrency trading system. Derrick Simmons, the alleged CEO, claims that Crypto Code software can generate over $15,000 per day without fail. There are also several other claims made which arouse our suspicion. Yes, cryptocurrencies are currently great for this kind of trading. They are so volatile that making a profit is almost guaranteed, but that is not so if you use a bogus app like this Crypto Code scam app.


We are here doing a Crypto Code scam review to give you fair warning about this extremely dangerous cryptocurrency trading system. The bottom line is that the Crypto Code app is too good to be true and therefore absolutely has to be a scam. Keep reading to find out about the very real threat posed to you by Crypto Code scam software.


What background observations are there Of Crypto Code Software?

We always want to know who the owner of a piece of cryptocurrency trading software is. When it comes to the Crypto Code app, we are led to believe that a man named Derrick Simmons is the CEO. However, we have a big problem with this, which is the fact that we only ever get to see an image of him. Yes there is a narrator in the video, but there is no way to confirm that voice belongs to Derrick Simmons.


In fact, it is pretty safe to assume that the voice doesn’t belong to him, or else they would show his face in the video. The Crypto Code Software website features an image which is supposed to be Derrick, but we did some snooping around and have found the same image being used for many other purposes and products. It is painfully evident that Crypto Code software is not headed by this fictitious Derrick character. He is just a made up person, not the real deal.



Crypto Code Software Scam Review


At the same time, it is also obvious that there is no company to speak of with the Crypto Code app. Yes, Derrick is allegedly the CEO, but he is a fake, plus, having a CEO would mean that there is a registered company involved. However, we are not able to find any company registered under the name Crypto Code. In other words, the leaders of this app are totally anonymous, plus the company is not a real thing, both of which are very bad signs indeed.


Crypto Code Trading Software – Scam Facts

The next red flag in terms of the Crypto Code app is that it is clearly not licensed to engage in cryptocurrency signals provision, trading, or mining. These are all financial activities that require a company to be registered and licensed in order to perform them legally. However, a regulatory and licensing agency will only afford these trading licenses to companies that are transparent, credible, and have real people at the helm.


Since the Crypto Code app’s company is non-existent and the owner is a phony, you can be sure that it is not licensed in any way. Either this app is making trades illegally, or it simply does not ever execute any trades at all. It is our suspicion that Crypto Code software never trades. It is just an empty black hole that sucks in your money, never to be seen again.



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Crypto Code App & Fake Endorsements

Another thing that is blatantly obvious about Crypto Code software, when it comes to the website, is that there are a bunch of completely fake endorsements. The Crypto Code website claims that different financial news outlets such as Forbes, CNN, Time, and FT have featured this cryptocurrency service in stories. The claim is that these news outlets have said great things about the Crypto Code app and want people to use it.


Yet, this simply is not true. It is nothing more than a case of blatant lying and false advertising. We went to the websites of each of these news outlets and not one of them has ever mentioned Crypto Code trading software, not even in passing. This is just a cheap, dirty, and lowdown trick meant to fool you into thinking that this bogus cryptocurrency software is legit. Trust us when we say that it is anything but legitimate.


Crypto Code User Testimonials – FAKE

Yet another thing on the Crypto Code website that is fraudulent is the load of totally fabricated user testimonials. None of the people you see on the website are real. They are stolen stock images combined with fake names and little blurbs written by the same crooks trying to sell us the Crypto Code app. It’s all just one big scam.


Crypto Code Software – Unreal Profits

Perhaps the biggest joke here is that we are told that the Crypto Code app can generate $15,000 every 24 hours. We are also told that using Crypto Code software is risk free. Both of these claims are totally bogus and ridiculous. First off, we are never told how this app works or what it really does. If it does make trades, we are never informed of any coherent trading strategies or algorithms.


Yet, even if we did know these things, it is totally 100% impossible to generate $15,000 per day with any cryptocurrency trading app, especially on a minimal investment. It just cannot be done in any way, shape, or form. Also, the claim of Crypto Code trading software being risk free is also a total joke. Risk is always inherent in any market trading situation. There is nothing that any piece of trading software can do to get rid of that risk.


On a side note, the Crypto Code Software website features a bunch of so called “real” trading results. Yet, there is a ton of vital info missing from this results chart, plus the numbers simply do not make any sense at all.

Crypto Code Software Review – Conclusion

There is really nothing left to say here. Just stay away from the Crypto Code scam app because it is a complete and utter rip off. Don’t hesitate to remark underneath with any criticism, input or even direct encounters you may have. Cheers to your prosperity!


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