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Digitized Day Trader is a SCAM!! Honest Review!

This review will look at a new autotrader that has recently launched in the market.  Digitized Day trader was launched on the 8th December and we have found some evidence that this software is not all that it is cut out to be. The evidence points that this software is a scam as our evidence counteracts the promises that the DigitalTrader.co conveys in its promotional video.


The Digital Day Trader tends to use technical analysis in depicting signals which is very good and in some cases just this fact alone may appeal newbies and professional day-traders alike.  Another positive thing is that no Fiverr.com actors or ‘heavily deployed’ pressure tactics, have been used to promote this autotrade which is refreshing as it brings a little change of scenery for us and saves us from repeating ourselves.


However we did manage to find a few ‘Red Flags’ , some counterpoints which we feel need to highlighted and ought to be considered before making any decision as to whether or not one signs up to this autotrader or not.  The ‘Red Flags’ will be the focal point for of this review and we encourage all our readers to read this article in its entirety before passing any judgement.


Let’s start with some of the minor details, and talk about the things that fairly self evident.  The DigitalTrader.co domain was created roughly about a month ago based on Who.is indicating that this website is fairly new.   Since the Digital Trader Software was released a few days ago, we did receive a few requests to review it and our evidence brought us some interesting findings.


After watching the video on the DigitalTrader.co site, we were fascinated to find more information related to the creator and the company behind the software.  We are sorry to say we could not find much empirical evidence or historic background of neither the founder nor the company which is shocking as we were sure to here something considering that promotional video suggests that it has made some of the beta testers millions of dollars.  Surely there would be something? Wouldn’t there?  Goes to say we were perplexed by the whole thing.


The high life , the great educational background, the adventures the video conveys seems so interesting.  We wanted to know more lots lots more about Leonard Dames but no nothing, we found zip.  What we did find was information about the brief picture that was shown to us during the first few seconds of the Digitized Day Trader video portraying him was nothing but an stolen picture of a certain Jason Andrew Heppler .


Digitized Day Trader


Jason Andrew Heppler, we have found out is an employee at Stanford University employee, working as an Academic Technology Specialist, Department of History. It is more likely or not that he may or may not know much about this identity theft.  What we do know is that the company operating this site and its stakeholders have started to show their true colours.  Below  you will find the real profile pic of Jasonand a link to his alumni page.


Digitized Day Trader Jason Heppler



This is just one reason why we think that this software should be considered a scam. If you visit the website, the promoters claim that this app. can make you tons of money large enough to cover your monthly salary  in just one day your first day of using the system. This we believe is should be considered case point 2,  “THE FALSE EXPECTATIONS.”  If any system claims to make you such a huge amount of money, simply walk away, it probably is no good.


Trading binary options or any product in general in the stock market is considered risky in generally.  Prudent measures and only trading modest amount on high probability trades are considered the safer options.  Granted trading can be fruitful at times and in the long run can very profitable .  Key word being Longrun not short like the video suggests. Hardly any software exists that win the trade every time.  At present the really good softwares boast an ITM ratio of around 80%.


When Digitized Day Trader claims that the winning rate is 95 percent, you know something is not right.  This widget on the pitch page shows $9,000,000+ in profits by members and it seems to grow every second at a steady pace even on weekends when the trading market is closed.  This feature is obviously not synced to any trading account since there is no possible way for the Digitized Day Trader or any auto-trader to generate money on weekends.


Verdict: Digitized Trader is a SCAM!

Signing up to a regulated brokers and reliable signals provider are probably the best course of action to avoid being scammed by such fake autotraders.  We encourage you to visit our recommended brokers page :- Binary Umpire Recommended Brokers  and consider using one of top signals provider :- Binary Umpire Recommended Signals


Should you be interested try a trading software that has a more realistic overview of the expectations it portrays and has been tried and tested with positive results we can recommend Mike’s Auto Trader.


Mike's Autotrader


Please share your feedback, thoughts and experience with the Digitized Trader scam .

Thank you for taking a few moments to read this warning.

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