Dual Robot Scam Review

Dual Robot Software Review
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Dual Robot Software Scam Review: Fake Trading App Exposed!!

Dual Robot Scam Review:- dualrobot.com

The Dual Robot Software is the  latest trading application to be  launched in the financial sector. This impartial review will look to provide detailed facts on the profit potential, testimonials and general aesthetics surrounding the trading applications.  Predominately the Dual Robot App is a web based application that is designed to trade  Binary Options.


For those of you who new to the Binary Options World. A simple explanation of this trading style is that it is a branch off Forex where users can trade multiple currency pairs, commodities and stocks for pre-defined risk return.  The outcome of the trade is also set expire within  a specified time fame.  Anyways that is some basic knowledge, now back to the Dual Robot Review as seen on the dualrobot.com portal the focal point of this article.  In the  next section we will be looking at the presentation given in a bit more detail before making any observations and or recommendations of our own.  We would strongly suggest that readers who are interested in the Dual Robot System go through the detailed observations that we have outlined as we believe the facts raised are important is a trader was to make an informed decision based on real evidences.


Dual Robot Software Review


Dual Robot Software Review

Dual Robot Software is a trading system that is set to work on complete autopilot.  The Application  claims to be 100% Free Trading Robot even for beginners.  This statement which is made on the website is very deceptive as you look closely at the FAQs you will notice that for a new account to be  activated  one  would need to fund the account with a broker that is synced to the program.


In that context we should really then look at this trade facility as an autotrader rather than an educational tool contrary to what the developers would like you to believe.  What is more is that the minimum recommended amount recommended by the company is $450 which is far more that the minimum you would need to activate a broker account. Minimum Deposits normally across the board tend to be in the region of $250.


Scrolling down dualrobot.com web page.  you may notice that the Dual Robot is allegedly claims that users on complete automated mode can generate none less less than 89.7% winning ratio or more and that you are going to be making at least $10,000 in the next 30 days.  According to the story and the interface, the system is using technical indicators such as: Trend Following, MACD, Bollinger Bands.  These are great in principle but in no time during the lengthy presentation do we see these tools in action and how the system supposedly knows at which point to trade from these signals.  The Dual Robot system offers 3 trading methods that you can choose based on your strategies. First is the ‘Classic Mode’ – allegedly recommended for beginners, Second is the ‘Martingale Mode’ that involved with higher risks and lastly the ‘Fibonacci Mode’ which is claimed to be the safest route for new traders wishing to register with the Dual Robot Trading App.  Make no mistake these words mean nothing in the context of auto trading as it does not give us any indication other that that already mentioned.


Fake Testimonials Review Dual Robot Scam Exposed!!

Lastly when a visitor glances over the site one would notice a large number of photos with a Dual Robot App Endorsement board that is similar to the one you would see from a taxi driver at the airport.  These images are not at all authentic.  Far from it in fact, the supposed individuals who claim to have fallen for the Dual Robot Software because of the success they supposedly have received from the trading app are all in fact paid actors that have been recruited to make this product look more genuine then it really is.


Dual Robot Scam Review Testimonials


Taking one of the examples from the above , most of our readers would have recognised this actor from our review on My First Pay Day , One step ahead program and the Certified Income App to name a few.


Dual Robot Busted Scam


The Dualrobot.com system  has employed a convincing actor to pose as the creator of the platform and persuade you that this a is genuine opportunity when in fact as we have seen there is no one ounce of truth in the Systems marketing campaign. If there is anyone who will profit from this application it will be the scam developers who prefer to remain anonymous but still actively employing shady characters and agents to do their dirty deeds for them and find potential victims who are not in the know of their deceitful motives.


    Review Verdict: Dual Robot System is a Scam

   Not recommended for Testing!

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