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Epix Trader Forex Review.  Epix Trader Binary Software Scam or Versatile App?

Is Epix Trader a Scam? The Epix Trader auto trader is the latest trading software that is geared towards both Binary Options and Forex Markets.  In this review we will look at both aspects; Epix Trader Forex and Epix Trader Binary.   We encourage readers to this go through this important, Epix Trader for Forex and Binary review with a fine toothcomb so as to get a full and better understanding into the software’s credentials which will ultimately be used to establish whether the Epix Trader App is a Scam or Not? Found at epix-trader.biz and epix-trader.co, the Epix Trader is the first dual binary options and Forex investment software we have encountered.


What Is the Epix Trader App?

In Essence the Epix Trader App is predominately an innovative signal trading software that can be used for the purposes of Binary Options Trading and Forex Trading.  Both forumns which as readers and avid foreign currency analysts are subject to volatility and risks.  What the Epix Trader Platform predominately does is it acts a tool that breaks the waves of dynamism in forex markets into codes that ultimately can be used to conduct trades on complete automation or as an added conformation for those who are used to manual trading.




So why is Epix Trader different? In this Epix Trader review, which we encourage readers to diligently observe and assess, you will find out not only how it works, but why it works. What viewers will find is this system is unlike countless of other products which more often than not turn out to be scam. Choosing from a selection of scam and legit can be very daunting, especially for new traders.  When it comes to choosing the right robot, there is one thing which is important above everything else.  This is trust, results, and user-friendliness!


Epix Trader Review – The Galaxy Revealed

In this part of the Epix Trader Review we will start looking at the FACTS surroungind this application and how the software works and programmed to deliver optimum results.  As part of the Initial Statement as seen on the website viewers and avid readers would appreciate how difficult this arena can be and why it is essential to have a system like the Epic Trader App which delivers not only proven but consistent returns.


Fact: There are millions of traders worldwide who are earning profits trading Forex. In 2016, 95% of all Wall Street Trading activities have been executed by algo-trading robots.


The base algorithm for the Epix Trader is pivoting around the perfect entry and exit time of any particular trade. Generally the medium that is used to Trade Both Binary Options and Forex Systems are one and the Same.   The only differences one will find is that with the former there is a time element and a fixed return reward that is known on the outset before the investment.  The Later is less certain and the rewards can be set my means of a ‘take profit’ and losses by way of ‘stop loss.’  The beauty about this trading platform is that can help and assist traders with different experience levels to not only achieve fast results but to do so in a way where risks are embraced and trading is conducted with safety being a primary rule set in stone.


Epix Trader Review– Optimism is in the Air

Subscribers who are well aquainted with our site will note that it is difficult to find a system that meets up with expectations.  It is more often than not we are floored with a barage of scams in quick successions before one opportunity comes along that gives us an aura of relief and a sense of hope.  We strongly encourage readers to keep away from black listed apps which continues to mount up and grow.  This list that we have generated is based on a detailed evaluation based on detailed analysis and a comprehensive review into key facts.


Epix Trader Robot


With the Epix Trader App we followed a similar channel but the branches at the end of the tree reveal a much different outcome than we see with many bogus apps.  Through our research we have that this software ticks alot of boxes and is flexible and adaptive to changing conditions that we seen in the markets today.  The Epix Trader App you will find is not like others  and is a software that can work on both MT4 and Binary Options Platforms.


Unbiased Epix Trader Software Review – Scam Free System!

The Epix Trader App as it stands is an application that is presented to us by Mark Evans, an algorithm specialist, and his wife Tina D’Angelo a top trading analyst.  These duo who are on the top of their profession that have studied the theory of relaivity to a great degree used these very same principles to decode and program the software we know as the Epix Trader.


Epix Trader Scam Review


The Epix Trader is based on the  Alchemy of Finance of George Soros.  This strategy is best known as the Soros Scalping Strategy or the Soros Scalper. If you want to find out more about Scalping stay tuned as we will be writing a short but explicit guide on this topic in the near future.


How Does the Epix Trader App Work?

The Epix Trader is designed to catch trends as early as possible at the time where profits maximisation are at its greatest.  Once the software has detected that the opportunity has gone or that profits are its peak the robot is intuitive and intelligent enough to close the trade.  This short bursts commonly refered to in Forex Lingo and used in the algorithms freqeuently with the Epix Trader Software is commonly referred to as Scalping. Scalping means that the Epix Trader finds multiple opportunities for very short term trading. For Binary Options the expiration dates are already set .  In both instances and platforms the Epix Autotrader will look to catch those poisitions at the right moment where chances of success are at its peak.


Epix Trader Software


Is Epix Trader Free? Epix Trader Review Details

No, the Epix Trader costs $393.  HOWEVER, the developers are looking for Beta Testers to endorse Epix Trader.  The results of real traders using the software is crucial for the impending IPO of Epix Trader.  Therefore, you can now opt-in “The Early Bird Scheme” and download the software for FREE and for unlimited use.  This window of opportunity is not expected to last long.


Epix Trader MT4


How To Subscribe: Epix Trader Review Step-by-Step

First of all, you need to decide whether you prefer to trade on a Binary Platform or a Forex Platform.  Naturally, you may decide to trade on both.


Using Epix Trader for binary options is pretty straightforward. For Binary Options Just click on the banner below and sign up with the assigned broker and get started. In fact, if you intend on trying Epix Trader. For those of you who prefer to try the Forex version, follow these three simple steps:

  1. Head over to Epix-Trader.co and sign up.
  2. Download the software (MT4 and the EA file) onto your computer.
  3. Load the EA within the MT4 platform and set it up on a 15 minute chart.
  4. Click on the Auto Trading button to start!


If you want to trade Binary Options you can download the software from HERE

Epix Trader Binary Options

Should you wish to trade Forex you access the software HERE

Epix Trader Forex


The Forex brokers currently on the list for the Epix Trader include Capital Markets Banc, EuropeTradeFX, FirstCapitalUnion, FM-fx, FXP Markets (FXPM), HBC Broker, iTrader, Umarkets, UFX, StoxMarket, Ava Trade, ClicksFX, Kaya FX, CMTrading,Trade360 and ForexAds to name a few. You have to open an account with one of these brokers. Once you do, you can download the software. Regardless of which broker you sign up with in order to get the EA, once you have the file you can load it with any FX broker that runs on MT4. We encourage you to only use this auto trader with a legitimate, regulated Forex broker. Trying it in demo mode is suggested as well, especially if you’re new to FX trading.


You will be required to subscribe by giving a valid email address and a real phone number. Fake phone numbers get you automatically disqualified from downloading the software for free.The software is a web-based software and therefore downloads automatically.  You do not need to configure Epix trader on your platforms.  It is as simple as that.


Final Conclusion

Epix Trader is Not A Scam Software.

Epix Trader is an Innovative Software to Help with Profitable Trading.


If you want to stay in-the-loop on all the latest scams to avoid and to learn about other legitimate investment services, feel free to subscribe to our blog. Please be sure to also keep up to date with our results on the Epic Trader App. Be sure to continue reading this Epic Trader Review for clarifications and deeper insights.


Should you wish to try an alternative auto trading programs please feel free to check out our signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences. Binaryumpire.com is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available within this website is totally RISK-FREE! Thank you for reading this review

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