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Authors Rating Innovative App or Busted Scam? Honest Review! feels like a “revolution” a “well presented oil machine” that feels like a real opportunity that can produce steady revenues for any would be ‘potential investor’.  The system is well presented by Madison Clark and David Graham and their promises of a steady wealth looks very enticing indeed.


If you are considering  FastCash.Biz, there are a few things that you need to know in advance. Is the FastCash.Biz a scam ? that has to be well thought out. Fortunately, there is quite a bit of review information online that can back up this claim of investment opportunity. One of the most important is that this money making opportunity is not using methods that are seen as dubious.


We couldn’t find them on or any website we know, so tracing their real identity didn’t work this time.   In Madison Clark and David Graham gives their viewers a chance to see their lifestyle, private jets and fancy boats. They also show PMS notifications on phone, which literally to the tune of 10,000 dollars per message confirmation sent on autopilot regularly.  If it is all made the fast cash biz team have gone through a lot of thought and creativeness in to making this which we can tell you would not be easy to do using even the most highly advanced video editing software. signup page with Madison and David



The features and Advantages of FastCash Biz System Fast Cash biz.png

  • Let’s users work with different binary options platforms. You’re not restricted to one or two platforms.
  • All alert parameters can be customized by you.
  • The useful data feed which you will rely on is free to access. No one charges a fee for this highly priced resource.
  • News feeds are instant as long as you have a fast internet connection


The Fast Cash Presentation

The video is hosted by two actors, who call themselves Madison Clark and David Graham.  FastCashBiz is the work of Madison Clark partnering with David Graham to bring you a true signal app that they claim will work efficiently most times. It delivers they claim precise, real-time financial feeds to help users make an informed choice when entering the binary options market.


The main focus of the Fast Cash biz sales page is their 30 minute video. This video has really good production values compared to most Binary Options systems out there. Instead of a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with a narrator, they have obviously heavily invested money into the video production: hiring actors, renting a Bentley, renting a private jet (though I doubt it flew anywhere) and so on.


In this case, these partners are using numerous familiar review tactics to garner the attention of this target audience including placing pressure on consumers to respond quickly so they do not miss this grand chance of becoming multi-millionaires. Based on their review claims, people have made as much as 55 million dollars within a 3 year period of time . This feels and sounds like a scam ,as that much is not realistically possible. Sadly, this is really just so they can sell you a lifestyle, not anything that has intrinsic value.


Features of the Binary FastCash.Biz program

Equipped with a computer, a web browser like Firefox and an internet connection, you can begin using it moments after purchase. Their support will provide one to one phone support to help you get started effortlessly. They also provide high quality web seminars which demonstrate how the programs works in a typical world scenario.


It lets you work with various Binary Options innovative platforms. Therefore, installing it will not only give you an opportunity to work with various platforms, but also let you work with the following features:


Is Binary a Scam ?
We initially had a problem with the earlier version of this FastCash.Biz program. It only worked on Windows OS. However, the upgraded version now works on Mac, Linux, tablets and smartphones alike. This ensures flexibility among users since you won’t always need to work from your computer. Working with multiple devices lets you maximize your profits as you can now trade from your smartphone as well.

They have a secured online payment form which guarantees safety with powerful programs like McAfee and Norton. This means that online security with Fast Cash Biz App is not a concern.


We also noticed a government disclaimer on the page as required by the law, which is very uncommon among the scam artists but we still are weary of this system and legitimacy of due to risks involved in trading and the scams we have seen come and go in recent times.



It appears that presenters do not want to miss out on any angle, especially since they are using terms like making money from legitimate money making opportunities and having the freedom to do other things in life instead of doing Job. With these kinds of statements, the makers of this software are also targeting traders who are desperate to find legitimate money making ventures online ,that they can use to get rich. Therefore, regardless to the actual reason that the person visits the site and watches the video, they want to take advantage of every money making chance.


We’ve not only been seeing the standard blogs, promotional websites and you tubes clips talking up the Fast Cash Biz, but also a few credible sites are advertising them.  This system has gone viral.  If you have experience of this system we would like to hear from you to help us determine if this is as good as they say it is or another scam that belongs in our red card page.


We cannot give you a conclusive review on this without getting some feedback or identify the type of scam elements as we could not find much to say other than how well everything was well presented.


At this point we will give the the benefit of the doubt but if we get any complaints we will immediately be sure to add them to our list of scams and we will invest time to write an additional warning to further damage their business as we do with misleading sites in the industry! Please help us determine if the FastCash Biz Opportunity the real deal or is it just another fake offer by sharing your results, experience, ITM trading results, opinions and overall experience. Let’s hope that it’s not another automated theft machine and everyone who invests into reaps the desired rewards.


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  • Great review! I look forward to hearing what people’s experience is with the system. However it does look promising, if the view is still good in the next couple of days, I’ll be signing up for sure!


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