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Free Money System is a Scam!

This is not another promotional review for the new Free Money System, we reached an empirical conclusion that it’s a scam! You might have seen the promoted on some websites, that are clearly bogus and make no sense. That certainly appears to be the case with Free Money System by Walter Green, and fortunately we happened to visit the website at a time when there were still a few spots left. Funnily enough, it said the same thing when I returned 2 days later!


First, the alleged CEO Walter Green doesn’t exist! That’s right, whoever created the Free Money System decided to hide behind a false identity that cannot be confirmed anywhere. If you search for him on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, you will not find any reference to this guy dealing with on line trading, excluding the fake sites and the swipes sent by email marketers who are promoting the Free Money System Strategy.


Walter Green, founder of the Free Money System another name for the Millionaire Blue Print, promise to make you a millionaire in just 3 months. Free Money 3 months promise also seems to be the same guarantee funnily enough that we saw on the  Money Maker Bot approach. The pitch page is full of hype with beautiful mansion and the dream of becoming rich to tap into the audience psychology. Let’s review Free Money System and unlock what jumped at me. Do not register with Free Money program until you completely read this review below.


Free Money System Promise


Free Money Machine overview

As mentioned at the start of this review, the Free Money System website contains very little in the way of readable content.  During the video you get to meet Walter Green – the self-proclaimed green machine. Within minutes he portrays himself as something of God amongst online income generators. In fact, he wastes no time in telling you that he has created 152 new millionaires, earning $189 million in pure profit – in the last 90 days.


Walter Green came to know about this Secret trading system from his cousin Ray Green. Ray hacked into Secret loophole to trade binary options on the side. He was very successful at it. His company had acquired this trading platform from a group of Israeli traders. Ray made $1.1 M in 3 months. Knowing Walter was strapped in financial stress, Ray decided to share the binary options secret with Walter. He has made 48 million dollars ever since he used the trading platform with $250 initial deposit. 152 members have join ever since and they all have became millionaire within 90 days. Now he has 7 spots left to become the next new millionaire. Well, atleast that’s the sales pressure from this campaign.


Walter Green – The Free Money System Green Machine

Free Money System Walter Green (The Green Machine)


And let’s not forget that all this is being offered to you for free…or so it seems.

Once you hand over your email address it is explained that the Free Money System process is a binary options trading program, and to initiate the system you will need to pay a minimum of $200.


That’s not a one time fee…that’s just to get your foot inside the Free Money System door.


At this point we didn’t receive any feedback related to app, but hopefully after posting this review, future feedback will validate our suspicion that it’s nothing but a fraudulent money-making scheme, designed to look like an automated binary options magic solution!


We do hope that it won’t catch the industry like a wildfire and go viral! If you know of other binary options traders who may be in your social circles, we encourage you to share this review with everyone who may be on their target.


Verdict: Free Money System is a SCAM!


If you ever decide to take on-line trading seriously and lower your income expectations, alternatives to free money system are available in the binary options field that will yield reasonable amount of profits given the right processes regarding money management and strategies have been put in place.

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The software powered by Equinox is a scam or legit?


If for any reason, you registered for this software before reading this review, please do leave your experience with this scam software in a comment below. It will at least help and deter other ingenuous traders from falling for this scam. If you are new to trading, we would recommend that you should open a DEMO ACCOUNT with a reputable broker from our recommended Brokers list and practice safe trading by copying professionals. Join a good Manual Signals Group such as the Michael Freeman Manual Signal Group. Email us by contacting us for a free introduction.


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