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FX Sniper Review, SCAM FX Sniper Software Exposed!!

The FX Sniper by Simon Reed is a relatively new application that has seemingly launched itself as the new revolution in the trading sector. FX Sniper App, a new software shows itself to be a virtuoso investment opportunity with a delicacy of rich rewards for any investor that looks to embark on the FX Sniper App train.


On the surface of this FX Sniper Software may present a lucrative deal and a valid offer that may seem appetizing at first.  How the research we have deciphered and based on the evidences we have gathered, we can only summarize this system as the latest avenue in a long parade of scams that dump themselves in the marketplace with no moral or ethical concern for the end user.


Why FX Sniper App is a Scam?

Is the Fx Sniper App a Scam? Yes.  The accuracy of what is portrayed as the systems potential is one such area that is on the outskirts one element where the presenter stretch the potential to unrealistic heights compared to what the product can actually deliver when put through the nuts and bolts of day to day uncertainties.


The Forex software by Simon Reed is a SCAM.  This system like many others try to dwell on outer limits and plays roulette, mind games, with viewers into thinking the odds are heavenly stacked with the user rather than the broker.  Unfortunately, drilling into the cracks and one can easily see that the whole saga is nothing but extra toppings without the crust to hold and support the claims being made.




We honestly looked but could not find anything legit or genuine in this fake app and trading robot. This software is reminiscent of trading scams of the past. Simon Reed presents a strong case that may sound concrete.  In his defense, he claims to have worked at FX Sniper for decades and use a Loophole that can rake up wins one after another with minimal losses beyond anything seen in the marketplace. This statement is very much contradictory with the risk factor not being properly addressed other than a small print which can only be viewed through a magnifying glass.  In the next section, we will look a the software in more inert depth and unravel the truth beneath the lies as seen on the FX Sniper App.


The FX Sniper Scam; Truth exposed!!

The FX Sniper Scam by Simon Reed promises potential users of the system with some really over the top guarantees that simply do not possess any realistic mathematical probabilities that can be considered as probable and or possible. FX Sniper’s calculation makes no make sense.  In his Fx Sniper Review, investors are informed that in a short space of time following registration the benefactor can yield $300 almost instantaneously, $2000 within the first month and potentially rack up six figures in as little a year. Quite some statistics for sure.




Parking this unrealistic gains on one side, Simon Reed claims that potential entries are due to expire very soon as capacity is limited. Previous was the trading network only available for his friends and family.  Doing some further research into this we noted that the software was registered only within this month, March 2017.  This begs the question can this software really be trusted considering the short lifespan?  Simple answer is not as the key personnel is already fibbing about this robot, web based in nature being around for eons.


FX Sniper App Scam

FX Sniper’s winning trades

FX Sniper has below the promotion clip shows a segment of live trades.  As with any scam this supposed live feed does not unravel anything detrimental to the software.  All the trades are winning ones.  Funnily enough, this feeder seems to stem well into the weekend when the markets are closed for business. Furthermore, the payout makes sense as it does not indicate volume invested.  Normal situations with auto traders of this nature indicate a fixed trade amount and return amount.  The dynamics of what we see in the image below seem to be more conducent to manual trading which is not really what Simon dictates during the promo about the software’s nature.



What we see above is a classic example of how fraudsters work. There isn’t much to go on that can potentially satisfy our thirst to verify any of the claims being made during the FX Sniper Review.  At any point attempt closing the web browser and the visitor is greeted in car salesman fashion with modal popup which loads an exit page in the background, promising something special. The text is in this case “WAIT! Do You Really Want To Lose Your Chance To Make $378 a Day with our App?”. One last ditch attempt; How Desperate?

Simon Reed’s FX Sniper scam review conclusion:

Simon Reed says we should nobody tell about FX Sniper, but what should we tell? The fictional Simon Reed give only empty and false promises. If you search at websites and social medias about the FX Sniper LTD you will not find anything supportive and or factual other than reviews warning of the dangers in engaging with this app. We can assure you first and foremost the guarantees placed and promises made by this software are simply not feasible nor tangible in any shape or form given the dynamic nature with which this software operates in.

  Final Verdict: Fx Sniper App System is a SCAM!

Beware, just avoid this poor service!

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