Gemini 2 Scam Review

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Gemini 2 Scam Review

Gemini 2, the latest auto trader to launch in the binary options trading markets is the subject of today’s review.  In this Gemini 2 Review we will look to explore all the key facts about this new software, how accurate the claims are? and its net worth when it comes to generating consistent profits.  If you are one of the fair few who are actively looking to ascertain whether this new product the Gemini 2 software is a Scam or valuable tool when it comes to trading then you came to the right place for in the next sections we will be looking at the key facts highlighting crucial observations that we have recorded so any potential investor can make an informed decision about the Gemini 2 App.


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Gemini 2 Software Review

Brandon Lewis who brings us the auto trader claims to be the founder and CEO of Gemini Holdings.  In his presentation, he claims that this auto trader the Gemini 2 Software is a revolution and an answer to all your money woes and trading requirements.  In terms of potential, it is further claimed that this software has the potential to generate returns of $10,000 to $50,000 daily.


Brandon Lewis Gemini 2 App


These promises are the exact shenanigans, that are synonymous to what we find in so many scams we have exposed previously. During our Gemini 2 Scam Review, we saw an influx of biased campaigns about the potential of this auto trader.  In the next section, we focus on some key facts on why this Gemini 2 App, a reincarnation of a previous trading system, is one best avoided for investment purposes.


Is Gemini 2 a Scam?

The short answer is; yes, Gemini 2 is a scam. But in order to help you see the truth, we must go deeper than merely stating that it’s a scam.  Brandon Lewis who claims to be a former engineer working for Google at the Silicon Valley claims to have made a discovery that could potentially help generate $12.311.47 a day trading. Such kind of money earning claim is only possible with those fake claimers.  Furthermore, he makes more outlandish claims that this discovery has enabled him to retire a multimillionaire at the young age of 28.


This software which he claims to be releasing to a select 50 few beta-testers before releasing to a wider audience in 2018.  Gemini 2 app is promoted with the tagline that it’s the only ‘’no-loss software’’ that can make between $10k and $50k a day!  He claims these figures are tested over a span of three years.  He further demonstrates this with a speeded up 4 hour demonstration and showing a glimpse of a New York Times Newspaper to show the presentation which is actually pre-recorded is live.



Who is Brandon Lewis?

During our investigation and research regarding the Gemini 2 scam, there were some things that we noticed which the reason are the software is all of the sudden taking flight and convincing traders to register.  Brandon who claims to be a former Google Employee at Silicon Valley and current CEO of Brandon Holdings, is in fact, an actor who has been recruited to make a convincing presentation on a dodgy auto trader, a sequel, with poor rapport when it comes to demonstrating real results.


The original version which he claims was created back in 2015 he suggests was the sole component to generating millionaires around the globe.  If that was not strange enough, one of the so-called traders who benefited from the Gemini 2 Software is someone who we remember from early in the year trying to sell another shady product in the form of “Your Legacy club.”


Gemini 2 Scam


Brandon Lewis the presenter of the Gemini 2 scam, tries to give us a long-winded story of how he too was an average hard working individual trying to make ends meet. He claims that he apparently used to work as one of Google’s top engineers, working in their head office in Silicon Valley.


During this time he designed a predictive algorithm nicknamed ‘Alpha Patterns’ to generate stats and predict future results. Unfortunately, te potential of this product, a finished article following 3 years in R&D, was not shared with the top management to Lewis’s disappointment.  His boss was very happy with his work, but apparently did not see the potential of this uniquely put together algorithm, at which point Brandon reapplied the same concepts within the spectrum of financial markets. This of course, is the Gemini 2 software that is available to all today.


100% Winning Rate – Further Bogus Claims!!

Another shameful scam, similar to the zero loss software, with this software you are going to win all your trades. Time after time these melodies which keep getting repeated are done under false pretences.


Gemini 2 Results


Furthermore, the limitation spots remaining for my region and after every minute it was decreased to 1 spot. Clearly, all this is cleverly orchestrated to make the whole presentation more pressurised than in reality.  Make no mistake this SCAM is viral and its launch is designed to cause maximum chaos before the remit of 50 beta testers.

Gemini 2 Software Conclusion

The Gemini 2 software by the nonexistent Brandon Lewis, alleged CEO, of a non-existent company is a monstrous scam best be avoided ! Don’t be fooled by fake promises about unreliable and unattainable promises about making tens of thousands of dollars per day!


The website was initially registered on 2016-05-24, a little over 4 months ago!! This makes the site a brand new site,  too short to making such baldish claims. Don’t believe us, simply Google the keywords “Gemini 2 scam” or “Gemini 2 software scam” the only thing you will find  across authoritative sites surrounding the search results will be scam verdicts.


Conclusion: The Gemini 2 App a Scam

Software Not recommended for Testing! 

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Do not be enticed by the Fake Testimonials including the drama episode surrounding Jerry in the Pub, its all Fake. If you any experiences with the Gemini 2 App program, we would appreciate a comment or two below from you so others can share and benefit from your experiences. Should you wish to try an auto trading application that comes with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend and invite you to check out Binary Options  signals page where you will find some recommended software’s time-tested, which we endorsed and additionally have been independently tested and positively endorsed by 3rd Parties with positive results across the globe.


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