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GPS Forex Robot
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GPS Forex Robot 3 is here and is an automated Forex Automated Robot that is designed to achieve around 30% a month. Designed by Mark Larsen, an fx trader, this bot the 3rd in its series is designed to look for forex trades similar to binary counterparts.


So what do we think about GPS Forex Robot as a whole?

Looking at the reviews , we can see lots of positive feedbacks about the software. However, it is important to note that these reviews may be bought which makes it difficult to account for the validity of the software (GPS Forex Robot 3)

GPS Forex Robot


The good thing about Foreign Exchange is that you are have no time restrictions compared to trading binary options. The profits and losses are predetermined by manual closure or through means of a ‘stop loss’ or ‘take profit’ It would be interesting to see how this ‘fx bot’ concludes when to take a profit or minimise a loss.


Lots of blogs and forums that are positively endorsing the GPS Forex Robot include:, and to name a few.


***Update 2018: We have received information that GPS Forex Robot 3 Software has not progressed much further since this review and evidences point to it being a scam.  We advise potential investors to thread carefully when interacting with this software.  More on this can be found on our revised review GPS Forex Robot 3 – Mark Larsen’s Software Review


Mark Larsen a figure head in the ‘FX’ industry has been a figurehead of sort. He is the owner of a few and services: Forex EA Lab, Forex Tester and Forex Systems Reviews. We encourage you to check-out the software, if you are interested to trade Forex You will be the judge! Is The GPS Robot as profitable as FX traders claim?


The GPS Bot can be purchased outright with one-time fee of $149.00. It’s relatively cheap considering the amount of time that has been spent into making the review. It’s user-friendly and suitable for beginner and savvy traders. If you are not happy? They offer a 60 days money back guarantee.


Please comment and share your feedback if you tried the GPS Forex Robot by Mark Larsen

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