GPS Trader Scam Review

GPS Trader Scam Review
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GPS Trader Scam Review; Detailed Review

The GPS Trader review that we look to assess today has recently seen an increase in activity amongst many social media forums and email marketeers.  However, from the basis of our research the GPS Trader system even though relatively new does not inspire confidence in us despite all the promises of millions of cash money.  Why? Because it is unrealistic, and quite a feat if it were in the short time frame the marketing team dictates during the promotion.


The GPS Trader App introduced by Richard Heffner as seen under the trading platform introduces himself as the esteemed CEO of the system goes on to insinuate and make you believe that you can make $850 per hour using signals generated by this software. However the evidence we have gathered whilst conducting this review contradicts this argument and in fact points to this app being nothing more than a scam which we are about to expose in detail.


GPS Trader Scam Review


GPS Trader Software Scam Evidences Revealed!!

They GPS system is supposed to be using Global Positioning Precision tools  which in theory enables it to accuracy depict trade signals.  The team suggest that this application is so accurate that it literally has extraordinary win rate compared to other auto traders within the same sector.   The GPS Trader claims to have helped 27 individuals become millionaires in the last 3 months.


The GPS Trader scam had been supposedly designed and developed by Richard and his brother Josh. Richard used to work as a developer for a global satellite positioning systems company called Garmin Ltd. His brother worked for Wall Street as a binary trader. Together they claim to have come up with a state of the art software that literally lives all the other trading software’s bite the dust.


It is fair assumption that these statements are unrealistic and improbable so to speak.  Even the best of traders who are consistent in their profession do not achieve such high numbers which basically implies that the GPS Trader App marketing team have either found a niche which no experienced trader has found or are trying to pull a fast one.  Our opinion in this instance is definitely the later as there is no other logical explanation other the GPS Trader Software being a scam.


Why Richard Heffner & his GPS Trader System is a Scam ?

The promise that this system will help assist any novice or seasoned trader to generate profits in excess of $20,000 in 3 simple clicks is just another  fact that this Heffner is making us sound gullible.  We for one are not going to be taken by this dream scenario that the CEO has so blatantly painted on the wall of scam.


The other fiction item is the mere fact that this system is faster than the other systems is another pure white lie . Richard claims that it’s impossible to lose money with the GPS Trader signals because the system pulls data from Satellites at speeds of 94/100th’s a second. Trading tools or software’s are pretty much the same in terms of their basic functionality.  No one system is faster than the other.  Richard Heffner is just trying to make the whole thing look appetizing.


To round things up Richard himself is not real.  He is a fiction of imagination and not a genuine trader who has had any experience in trading wall street.  The few beta testers and testimonial actors shown during the  video are actors in themselves who have have been recruited to make an oscar standing performance.


One last thing and we are moving to our summary! Take a look at the Facebook feedback at the bottom of the official page! All the people who testify and the whole feed are fabricated! If, this was a real feed when you click on any name it will lead you into Facebook profile of this person! This integration does not work clearly revealing this phony testimonials!


GPS Trader Conclusion

We do not believe the Beta Testers shown on the Website are genuine.  We have reason to believe that these images are stock image photos .  Throughout the whole video we have been shown fake  bank balances, being given fake promises and even being given   falsified information.  Not one of these moments were we shown real live trading which would have given us an idea of whether this app is any good for Binary Options Trading as Matthew inclines towards.


Verdict: GPS Trader Scam; Not recommended for testing

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