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Harvard Signals Review

Harvard Signals Website.harvardsignals.com

Harvard signals is a trading bot that produces the binary options signals is being launched Sept 21, 2015. The claim is that with just $250 investment you can grow the investment to $85,379 in a month. Please read this important review before you plan to sign-up with this software.


This product may sounds and bears a very strong and reputable name.  The theory is a Harvard student is the brains behind a successful day-trading automated app so all looks good thus far. We would now divulge into this product and the credentials of the developer..

Harvard Signals Binary Options Review



Ron Trumann (like “The Truman show” movie ha!?), graduated from Harvard university of business school 15 years ago. He worked as a professor there and researched for many years developing trade solutions for Futures, Stocks, and Options. Last year he made his first million dollars by using the software he created as a result of 14 years of research.


He is going to give away his last research results to us for free. HarvardSignals.com claim is that their signals software is the most advanced in the binary options industry currently which has the power to generate a winning ratio of 92% week by week.  If you invest $250, you can turn it into $1000 in five winning trades. It could be in one month or in a single day based on your risk level. 1600 successful traders aka beta testers have tried the app and made an average of $85, 379 in their first month.


That sounds all good and perhaps we want in too. However several things did not add up as we looked closer.

  • First, Harvard business school directory – Unfortunately the alleged ex-student of the prestige university, “Ron Trumann”, is nowhere to be found on their ex-students list. In fact, we couldn’t find any information on a Ron Trumann besides on a fake review endorsing the Harvardsignals.com website.
  • In today’s age, a person who is quote “PhD in finance, and self-made multimillionaire.” would surely brag about it on LinkedIn, Facebook or somewhere on the Internet. Information should be available, especially for a person of a such stature! But nope nothing, its like he simply doesn’t exist!
  • Next, check out this review from their website “Professional Opinions” section. Adam Rottenberg is Harvard alumni. and Arthur Khan.  These were reviewed on the Feb and March this year.


Harvard Signals Feedback 1

Harvard Signals Feedback 2


However, based on the website registration this is website was registered in September of this year.

Harvard Signals Domain Reg

From the brief review, we think Harvard Signals is a scam. Their claim that it was researched in Harvard Business school does not impress us one bit. We are curious to hear binary options industry feedback on this software. For those serious binary options traders though, we recommend reliable signals available in the industry. Yes you can make genuine profits and we know who do these full time as their active income. Be safe, keep your money yours!


Trading Binary Options could be a great way to become wealthy and financially rewarded, If you would like to try an alternative product that has seen lots of support across various networks and retails traders alike than we can encourage you to watch the free video of our nominated product otherwise please feel free to carry on reading the rest of our review.


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