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HBSwiss Review
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HBSwiss Software Review! Reliable Forex System or Just a Scam?

HBSwiss App is the latest trading software that is designed to assist both professionals and beginners with their trading needs.  The HBSwiss Sofware system, a web-based application that requires no download and is supposedly tailored to deal with your day to day trading needs.  In this review, we will look to evaluate this software, which apparently takes 3 minutes to setup and which they claim is both “Verified” & “Guaranteed” to produce a decent ROI.

Official website is: en.hbswiss.com

HBSwiss Review


We would encourage readers to read our HBSwiss Review in it entirety and observe and evaluate the FACTS we uncovered on whether this system is indeed a profit-generating system, or another SCAM best avoided.


Who is Hans Berger?

Hans Berger, founder and Bastian Hermann  claim to be the main drivers behind HBSwiss Company and hbswiss.com website.  Hans Berger claims that he started out as a disgruntled employee in the banking sector after graduating from the University of St. Gallen. He said during his time he was not content with the way things were going. He with the assistance of his friend Bastian Hermann who works at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in the field of quantum physics.


HBSwiss Scam Review


He believed combining the expertise of banking and super-fast quantum computing will be able to foresee the best trades in the financial markets with a high degree of accuracy. He claims that he was right and eventually he started generating revenues of atleast 5,000 Euros a day which prompted him to quit his day job good-bye.


How HBSwiss Software Works?

Their cutting-edge trading technology involve complex algorithms run on Quantum Computers! This way, it is able to analyze and assess the processes on the stock market with incredible speed “and an accuracy of more than 87%”. The HBSwiss software and trading robot (AKA HB Swiss) by Hans Berger and Bastian Hermann is a dangerous SCAM, and we BLACKLISTED it for good reason.  In the next section we will detail out the specific components that we noted that contradict the software’s credentials.


HBSwiss Scam Facts!

From what we are told the HBSwiss App is predomitaely a Forex Trading Robot which is built on some highly advanced spectrums that make it state of the art.  Unfortunately, this mechanisms which make up the core of the HBSwiss Robot are just fancy words with no real evidence to suggest they exist.  Secondly they use dangerous words Verified and Guaranteed without providing an indepent source to back up who audited them and reviewed their facts to be authentic.


HBSwiss Software Scam Review – Testimonials!

Nothing inside hbswiss.com is looking good! Scrolling down the website you may have noted a few testimonials claiming to have achieved good success using That HBSwiss System.  You will notice  “Benny White” and Olia Matzkevich. We actually checked these images out and found out “Benny” is actually a member of the UK Parliament named Kate Green. We also note that the two testimonials were also utilised in the Fintech Ltd Scam App, a binary options scam.


HB Swiss Software Testimonials


This just proves that this scam is without shadow of doubt a scam and the evidences presented contradict the authenticity of the claims made by the software developers.


            Review Verdict: HBSwiss Software is a Confirmed Scam!

                                            Avoid hbswiss.com!


These claims made by this system using assured words like “certified” & ” risk free” are of course impossible and definitely unattainable even among veteran traders. This whole system appears to have these vast amount of anomalies that distort the information laid out during the presentation to be untrue and overly endorsed. Binary Options Trading can be very lucrative income. Unfortunately, due to certain grey areas in less regulated markets sees the emergence of blacklisted apps.


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