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Hexa Trader Scam Review ; Hexa Trading Software is a Joke!! App Details Revealed!!

The Hexa Trader App is a Scam.  This review serves as a WARNING to any would be traders who might show signs of interest in this Hexa Trading Software.  Make no mistake in no way does anything that is re-iterated in the video presentation is based on facts.  The whole saga that is presented before you is one big JOKE . Avoid trading with the Hexa Trader App unless you want to have your fingers burnt.


You are strongly advised to avoid risking your investment. In the next few sections we are going to detail about the fact specifics that re-iterate and provide a detailed analysis on this scam.  Our goal is to provide a complete an utter framework of the software as an opportunity for traders around the globe.  In our care and professional duty we also feel obligated to provide a transparent cautionary recommendation or RED FLAG if the string of events that come out our research present an ulterior motive that is hidden from the public eye.  Stay Tuned for a detailed overview of the Hexa Trading App.


Website Under Investigation: HexaTrader.Co


Hexa Trader Scam Review – Details and Proof

The Hexa Trader Software in essence presents a familiar parallel event based on a similar theme tune that we are so use to seeing amongst countless of fraud sites that use all sort of tricks and ploys to try and get new traders to sign-up and that too with haste.  The crazy promise of $1,644 per day being the incentive may sound appetizing on the outskirt but really anything supportive to substantiate this claims in non-existent and does event come into play when watching the video promo with a notepad and pen in hand.


Hexa Trader Video Testimonial

Hexa Trader App , a supposed creative framework, is being promoted by Rupert Connor.  Rupert Connor as part of his introduction claims to be a professor of Computer Science.  As per of his experience he claims to be have previously worked at MIT.  The software he claims is a brain child , a set and forget system that is supposedly designed to work on complete auto pilot.


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Now , take this as you might but we feel that these credentials are fabricated and that Rupert is NO! ex-Alumni of MIT!  A simple search in this modern day and age would have revealed a background history that collaborates to the claims made by the supposed professor.  Be it via Linked Inn Pages, Social Media Framework or any other forum you are bound to find it very hard to anything collaborative that substantiates the statements being made about his past experiences.


More Blatant Lies – Hexa Trader Software Undone!!

Rupert Connor and his panel of experts claims that during their research and development stage they have discovered a mathematical formula which literally will be raking millions. They have called it the Hexadecimal Number System. It boasts a 94% accuracy rate.  This probability as we readers would be aware by now is not something we classify as realistic.  Even among veteran traders that are seasoned in their profession at best cannot maintain this remits every day… it is improbable to say the least.


Another blatant continues to demoralise us with further lack of false claims any have reached climatic proportions that just make them beyond what we classify as in-trustworthy.  The official site for the Hexa Trader Scam App according to the bogus Rupert Conner, the Hexa Trader software has been functional and registering profits since 2013.  A simple domain check regarding the enterprise contradict this statement and suggest an incorporation of less than a month from the time of writing this Hexa Trader Review.  According to who.is this software was registered in  December 2016!


Hexa Trader Software Testimonials


The “Testimonials” !

Before we finalise our conclusions , we feel that as a completeness we should mention a little bit about the so called beta-testers that are supposedly a composite of what the Hexa Trader Software has done so far for people that have tried and tested this software.  Unfortunately the tactic that scammers have utilised are to nor surprise the same as what we see in common with past scams. For the software promotional videos they hire people from the well known online market Fiverr.com.  You see non-of the so called testimonials are genuine and everything written or said are in fact pre-fabricated, which is no real surprise given the young age of the software’s existence contradictory to what the anonymous developers would like us to believe.

Hexa Trader Scam Review


Hexa Trader Scam Review – Summary!

Given the lack of evidence , we feel in this instance that it would be advisable and recommended that investors steer clear of this exposed application, the Hexa Trader Scam. Nothing that we found about this application suggests or impounds an element of trust that is an absolute must when it comes to selecting investments.  The framework that is Binary Options Trading has got many opportunities that can be lucrative for investors.  Unfortunately with the Hexa Trader App ; we feel that in this instance this is definitely not one of them


    Review Verdict: Hexa Trader Software is a Scam

   Not recommended for Testing! For More Scams: Check out ; the Tesler App Software Review


Should you be interested try a trading software that has a more realistic overview of the expectations it portrays and has been tried and tested with positive results we can recommend the Lexington Code Software.  This software comes comes highly acclaimed and is backed by real traders and market analysts who have years of experience in Binary Options Trading.


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Should you wish to try an alternative auto trading programs please feel free to check out our signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences. Binaryumpire.com is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available within this website is totally RISK-FREE!  Thank you for reading this review

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