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Holiday Cash Bot Is Scam ; Honest Review!!

Holiday Cash Bot is a scam.  This review we will show you why we would never recommend using this software for binary trading. Our own research has brought up plenty of reasons not to trust any of the claims made about the Holiday Cash Bot system. By the end of this review it should be obvious why this is a scam.  Holidays may have come and gone and one would have thought so would have this bot.  However the bot still tends remain viral with a few email marketeers and biased blog websites continue to heavily try to promote this software.


The website is a Scam!  This article is not an endorsement of any kind but a factual overview of where our investigations have led us.  Read our unbiased review on the Holiday Cash Bot website which will entailed details about the application and provide a conclusive review based on real evidence. We would strongly encourage any would be investor who is considering investing in this program to read this review in its entirety before making any conclusive decisions.


Holiday Cash Bot Promotion

The introductory video claims that this binary options trading system works mostly on autopilot. It is said to be easy to use, so that anyone can start receiving Holiday Cash Bot signals which correlate to fluctuating trades in the global market. It promises huge amounts of profits can be realised using this system.  According to the introductory video on the Holiday Cash Bot website, is a free binary options trading system. The only investment much like most other auto traders in the market simply requires an investment with the broker that is synced with the software.   While is true there is no charge for registering and downloading the software, as anyone will know who has ever searched for a review of free trading App, investors need to be vary on the broker that has associated with this app as they could be in collusion with each other.



Holiday Cash Bot System


Holiday Cash Bot scam claims that this particular Binary Options trading bot was created to specifically work over the holidays. It is not just Christmas, it could be any holiday, as they claim that the currency markets behave in a certain way during all holidays. Their claim to fame is that their particular algorithm is capable of predicting the future movement of a currency during holidays, and therefore you get to see the result before it actually happens, allowing you to take an accurate trade.  A typical scenario of the movement of the USD CAD pair which reached new heights due to fundamental changes in the oil reserves.  This app is said to take advantage of such scenarios.


Holiday Cash Bot – Sighseeing Fantasies
Holiday Cash Bot - Sighteeing Fantasies


During the HCB video, the presenter makes it sounds like even though you need to activate your broker account by depositing $250, they will immediately give you another $250 as a type of refund. This is not true at all, what they’re trying to do is to get you to sign up for a broker bonus. This might sound like a very good idea, you deposit $500, and you magically get an additional $500 to bump up your account to $1,000! Free holiday cash! NOPE!!!   In reality what this is a turnover bonus which can only be redeemed once a certain threshold has been reached.


How the Holiday Cash Bot System is Supposed to Work ?

The man behind the Holiday Cash Bot software is James Samuels and it is his claim that beta-testers who used the prototype software for this system were able to achieve a 97% success rate on their trades. Those testers were supposedly basing their trades on signals from a Holiday Cash Bot app, which showed them the best time to trade and to profit from fluctuations taking place during holiday seasons. We have come across many warning signs which prove that Holiday Cash Bot is a scam. In this review we are now going to pick out some of the major red flags. When preparing this review, we discovered that the domain was only registered on October 27, 2015 according to


Fake Testimonials

We are also suspicious about the website. It is already filled with testimonials from people like “Jason Samuels” could be related to James, who says he is flying his family out to Hawaii thanks to his success with Holiday Cash Bot App. His photo and the pictures accompanying the other testimonials all appear to be stock images rather than live beta test demonstrations.


Jason Samuels Holiday Cash Bot

Jason Samuels Holiday Cash Bot
Jason Samuels Holiday Cash Bot


If you are still in doubt as to whether Holiday Cash App is a scam or not, take time to study the testimonials. You would see that people were hired to write it for them. The pattern is the same in all these fake programs. Here we have Brittany Myers who like Jason Samuels above claims to have successfully used the software.  However on closer inspection, we have noted that this is not the case.


Brittany Myers Holiday Cash Bot

Brittany Myers Holiday Cash Bot Brittany Myers Holiday Cash Bot


We consider that the way the Holiday Cash Bot scam is being marketed online is deliberately targeting new traders who know very little about the binary options market. Complete beginners are told that they can succeed consistently every month from a binary option trading system that is based on holiday fluctuations.  There is another implausible claim made by the narrator of the video, which is that Holiday Cash Bot traders earn more than $93,000 per month. The amount of funds that traders are willing to risk and the total number of trades they make in any one month are both unknown factors. It is therefore impossible to give an accurate monthly estimate.



There is certainly no foundation for the promise made in the Holiday Cash Bot video that new traders using this software will earn between $45,000 and $95,000 in less than two months. The Bot signals are only supposed to be used for trading on holiday period fluctuations.  In reality this is false.  The inconsistencies are there to be seen and we for one would suggest looking at better options that have a more clear cut policy about them. If you have any feedback or questions related to the Holiday Cash Bot, please share it with us and with the world.   If you are looking for a solid alternative and a tested software, please visit our Dow Jones Focus Group Review and in case you are absolutely new to online trading, you can trade with the which offers members with a $20 minimum deposit vs $200-$500 as required by most companies in the industry.


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