Hour Bitcoin System Review

Hour Bitcoin Software Review
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Hour Bitcoin System Review;  HYIP Software Exposed!!

The Hour Bitcoin App as hosted by the HourBitcoin.com Limited is the latest trading application to recently hit the market place.  This software which to be a monument where experience is at the forefront of the companies management structure with which where each trader embodies over 10 years trading experience insinuates that you as a client are in safe hands.  We somehow do not feel that vision when first observe this investing website supposedly generating returns per the hour due to many factors but mainly for some very few but major anomalies that are so very typical of we depict as scam.


Hour Bitcoin Software Review


We would encourage any one who might be interested in this software to read our Hour Bitcoin Review point by point as the words that we used to describe this software are not only based on real facts but also we feel are conclusive evidences that depict this trading institution to be a Scam, best avoided.


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What is the Hour Bitcoin System

The Hour Bitcoin System is predominately a HYIP application that is being marketed as an investing opportunity by the HourBitcoin.com LIMITED who claims to have what it takes to be “successful in the Capital Market at August 2015”, using their own words.  Looking at the images we can see the products on offer are split into 4 distinct packages each promising a different level of return that varies from 0.08% to 6% based upon account size


Hour Bitcoin System Packages


Why is the Hour Bitcoin Scam?

We are yet to find one HYIP system which we could confidently endorse.  However, it seems that each time we find lots of manipulations regarding key statistics, fake testimonials and hyped up returns that simply do not hold much water when it comes to this ponzi schemes.


The Hour Bitcoin Scam as hosted on the web portal https://www.hourbitcoin.com/ first off has not featured any REAL payment proof to indicate that withdrawals are taking place. The images that are shown similar to the below are simply not conclusive enough for us to indicates this investment firm is legit and that their financial packages work.


Hour Bitcoin System Packages


In the Hour bitcoins trading section, the company which seems to be grammatically incompetent claim to have developed a high intelligent robot to auto trading frequently between different world class trading platform. We buy bitcoins with lower price and sell it in a higher price to get profit. Professional trading risk management system reduces the potential risk and reward our trading with a high profit.  This is as basic as it gets Folks?  No demonstration, know nothing but a simple one liner which says “sell low buy high.”  Even a kid from nursery could come up with that.


Based upon our research this company which hosts its financial activities via the hourbitcoin.com web portal on the 4th June 2016, a little over a month ago is fairly new this industry. This certainly disintegrates everything about 10 years field experience or being profit capitalizing since August 2015.


Hour Bitcoin System Domain Registration


No further information is provided in addition to all this regarding who exactly is behind this software.  We feel this lack of exposure is needed to ascertain the credentials of the investors bringing this product in the market place.  Its a must otherwise it shows that this product like many are just ponzi schemes that are better left alone to rot.   Given the  few cracks and lack of real verifiable data we have no alternative the Hour Bitcoin Scam that would be best avoided and not be approached for any financial advise or  related activity.


Conclusion: The Hour Bitcoin System HYIP Scheme is a Scam

Software Not recommended for Testing! 

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If you have any experiences with this Hourbitcoin.com Ltd Investing Firm we would appreciate a comment or two below from you so others can share and benefit from your experiences. Should you wish to try an auto trading application that comes with positive feedback and real testimonials we can recommend and invite you to check out Binary Options  signals page where you will find some recommended software’s that have been time tested and endorsed by means of independent testing and 3rd Party Verification.


We have not by any means drawn near to specifying the majority of the shady parts of Bitcoin Giant App. Be that as it may, the above proof we have just introduced ought to be all that could possibly be needed to give you reasonable cautioning. For an insight be sure to check out our Beginners Guide to Crypto Currency


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