Insured Trading App Scam

Insured Trading App Scam
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Insured Trading App Review; Warning System Scam Premiums Exposed!!

Insured Trading App or Insurance Trading Software is the latest scam system to unravel itself as a money making opportunity in the Binary Options Market Place.  This automated system brought by Oliver Breitner make no mistake is dodgy.  Why is Insurance Trading App?  If this is a question that you seek answers then you come to the right place.  This automated software is a fraud, an imitation of a previous exposed and vicious Insured Outcome SCAM! That is right the Insured Outcome for second pickings  with vengeance. Our impartial review reveals  on why this Insure Trading Scam is not one to be trusted.

Insured Trading App Scam Review

The Insured Trading Scam System, a product that has gone viral as of late with similar claims of a lifetime opportunity promised as beckoning for any would new investors who registers and invest in the application.  The Insured Trading Software based upon current practices are looking to do what it takes to secure new registrations.  Be it through email marketing, fake reviews, social media pressured tactics, this application has one common theme that is similar to all the other scams and that is the portrayal of a fake expectation in terms of the profit opportunity if one were to use this program for the purposes of Binary Options Trading.


Scam Investigation on site 

Insured Trading App Scam


Make no mistake the insinuation of yielding profits totaling $750 per hour or $18,000 per day are simply unfeasible or realistic given the complexities and risk factors associated with the financial markets. If an investor watches the promotional video for Insured Outcome they will quickly realise that it is an identical one to that of the Insured Trading App!! It seems the last lesson was not learned and the scammers  are hungry for  more. Sadly the scam Insured Trading App is going viral, and therefore we are duty bound to bring it to the attention of all potential victims. It is with a word of caution that extreme vigilance need to be taken when reading the print left by such scams.  Nothing revealed by the developers it must on the website is genuine to make us believe this system is legit.


Insured Trading software Review




Fake CEO Oliver Breitner Exposed SCAMMER!! Facts!!

Navigating to the Insured Trading website, you will encounter a promotional video presented by the so-called founder, Oliver BreitneAfter conducting our research, we revealed to you that the current Insured Trading App is actually a rebranded scam of the old insured Outcome, another scam. Oliver Breitner was the founder of Insured Outcome scam and today, is the same identity and founder of Insured Trading system. He is just an actor who has been hired from websites like Fiverr.


Insured Trading Scam


Insured Trading App Fake Testimonials Exposed

The creators of Insured Trading App have included fake testimonials. The worst thing is that they seem to have messed up in this respect too by lacking attention to detail. Fabian Schiffers from Strasbourg, France, and Stephen Gray from Manchester, England have the same photo. This continues to show you how the creators are lazy and can’t be bothered to add any new content.


This is yet again another example as to why we feel that utmost importance be given by traders do their research prior to investing as some scammers look to resurrect old scams to pick up loose pieces. So as we have seen the Insured Trading does not have factual proof substantiating its accuracy and or net worth Make not mistake this system will “only lose” us money. Complicated jargon, everything the presenters tell you is complete trash” Shady brokers are the only brokers you will be able to sign up with if you download the Awesome Income App software. They will give you a 100% bonus even if you don’t want it in order to make it more difficult to withdraw funds.


Review Verdict: Insured Trading App Scam

Not recommended for Testing! 

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The Insured Income is NOT awesome, it’s just a scam. No profits are insured contrary to the name suggests. After reading our review on the fraud and how everything is so twisted, it should be more than obvious by now that this application is one best avoid.  This application is definitely not your answer or  even remotely close to being a legitimate way to generate an income online. Please share your feedback below this review if you have any questions or feedback related to the insured trading scam or any of the above services we previously exposed.  If you were hoping to make money using this app you should think twice because you could end up losing it before you even get fully settled and switch on and start to sense the developers and promoters true full objective.


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