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bitcoingiants ; bitcoin giants scam review
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Bitcoin Giants Scam Review ; BitcoinGiants Ponzi Scheme aka Bitcoin Giants is an online elective agent adjusted towards outfitting crypto sweethearts with an opportunity to contribute their fiat or Bitcoin cash for potential wander returns. Featuring a forex and CFD arrange, fast approaching theorists can contribute cash sets, stocks, products close by up to 8 maintained computerized monetary forms. “Contribute with the best” is the saying in which Bitcoin Giants tries to resonate among their watchers, nevertheless, comprehensive research will reveal a through and through unprecedented manner of thinking got away by the creators behind this stage.


Beside combining fanciful customer tributes into the arrangement of their stage, Bitcoin Giants uses imperfect trading features with a sporadic wander mastermind that doesn’t make a straightforward atmosphere. To take in additional about the flabbergasting thought of this lender we ask you to continue examining our reasonable overview. – Bitcoin Giants ; What is Bitcoin Giants?

Bitcoin Giants is an online elective business that fuses cryptographic types of cash into their CFD and forex arrange. Not in the slightest degree like exchanges, Bitcoin Giants doesn’t enable their budgetary authorities the ability to exchange their kept Bitcoin or fiat cash stores into other reinforced advanced types of cash. Or maybe, budgetary experts who store into this phase through fiat or Bitcoin stores can take their stores and contribute it among a collection of hypothesis choices. These decisions, as heretofore communicated, support cash sets, things, stocks and select advanced monetary standards.


Who is Responsible for Bitcoin Giants? is purportedly asserted by G.G. Capital Group Ltd and worked by H.I. Capital Group. H.I. Capital Group has a set office address of 1323 Sofia, 28 Javharlal Neru Blvd, Silver Business Center, Office 24 while G.G. Capital is headquartered from Suite 305, Corporate Griggith Center, Beachmont Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


What we found intriguing however would be the way the address of H.I. Capital Group shows up not to be a good ‘ol fashioned address nearby how G.G. Capital Group Ltd fails to be recorded as one of the dynamic expert communities at their doled out address. Besides, we were unsuccessful in finding any verification to prescribe and watch that both of those two corporate substances truly exist. Interest request coordinated through their probably managing points of interest fail to realize any stable question things.


Found on the Contact Us page of would be the confirmed essential office address of Professor Fridtjof Nansen Street, Floor 7, Sofia, Bulgaria. As some of you may have had the ability to infer for yourselves starting at now be that as it may, this gave address isn’t a present address. Heartbreakingly, the originators behind this site selected their space with an insurance package so we can’t find any information concerning the enrollment focuses through a WHOIS zone look for.


Bitcoin Giants Trading Platform

Bitcoin Giants uses a CFD and forex based stage for their budgetary masters. Suggesting that each one of the options available are either forex set ups where utilize is incorporated or decision based where vendors must contribute subordinate regards analyzed through the agent. Most of the cryptographic cash maintained endeavors are CFD based and are controlled by values delivered through Bitcoin Giants structure, not consistent rates. In addition, theorists can partake in auto trading repudiated to solely just manual contributing.


bitcoingiants ; bitcoin giants scam review



Bitcoin Giants Account Types

Bitcoin Giants offers 4 account packages through their stage. So also as with most unverified and misdirecting lenders, Bitcoin Giants tries to ask examiners to store into one of their following record composes and recognize their alloted store remunerate. What budgetary authorities aren’t aware of as a rule of however would be the methods by which these store rewards go with conditions that must be met before withdrawals can be executed, which is the reason unless you are a readied theorist you should never recognize a store compensate.

Major Account Package

Store Bonus: 25%

Minimum Deposit: $250

Record Incentives: 25% reward, throughout the day, consistently customer support and access to educational core interest

Silver Account Package

Store Bonus: 40%

Slightest Deposit: $2,500 or 1 BTC

Record Incentives: Basic record favorable circumstances notwithstanding trading signals

Gold Account Package

Store Bonus: 75%

Slightest Deposit: $10,000 or 3 BTC

Record Incentives: Silver record favorable circumstances notwithstanding singular vendor, 1 on 1 trading and promote examination

Platinum Account Package

Store Bonus: 100%

Minimum Deposit: $50,000 or 10 BTC

Record Incentives: Gold record points of interest notwithstanding rule to analyst and premium stage


Bitcoin Giants – Account Types Question Marks and Red Flags

The express cheating of their proprietorship and working components are noteworthy notices in our books. We moreover can’t ignore the way that Bitcoin Giants isn’t managed by any managerial body, which is extraordinarily objected to and a requirement for budgetary master security inside the forex and CFD endeavors. Taking everything into account, the “customer tributes” featured at the base of their point of arrival are fake and made with the sole desires of obtaining your trust.


BitcoinGiants Testimonials

A WHOIS request will reveal that was made on August 30th, 2017. Considering the information uncovered above we can’t arrange Bitcoin Giants as a dependable operation. Working essentially as an obscure lender while misdirecting your face with fanciful tributes just exhibits that this business couldn’t think less about your success and are using any measures imperative to double-cross you out of your merited money.


Bitcoin Giants Review Conclusion

Bitcoin Giants is an exploitative and hopeless elective business that has tried to furthermore fill their pockets by concentrating on the computerized cash gathering. Merging dumbfounding and made segments into the structure of their site just goes to show the kind of noxious wander opportunity that foresees for you at Bitcoin Giants. Do others an affability by sharing this review or sharing your information so others are more loath to surrender to this horrifying theory trap.

Review Verdict: Bitcoin Giants is a SCAM!

Boycotted Site:

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We have not by any means drawn near to specifying the majority of the shady parts of Bitcoin Giant App. Be that as it may, the above proof we have just introduced ought to be all that could possibly be needed to give you reasonable cautioning. For an insight be sure to check out our Beginners Guide to Crypto Currency


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  • Yesterday I got an add on my fb from bitcoin giants. I could subscribe for an event.  But it didn’t say where exactly, as I write my phone no. and e-mail address and submit it, I was scrolling down to see if it was in Amsterdam, but then I  got a phone call from England from Jessica Cruz. She immediately wanted me to log in, without any introduction. She was very impolite and extremely pushy. I said I just want to know where this event is and maybe go. She kept on pushing me to log in and acting like it was the most normal thing to do, in the meanwhile not answering my question and getting verbally aggressive. After several repetition of my question. She lied and said that “This IS the event. I’m going to help you set up a wallet” I said and I don’t want to, and asking her;so you want me too invest? And she rudely answered ” did I say that?? Did I say that??” You need to log in!!! Im spending my time on you!!”   Everything about her was so unprofessional. I wanted to end the conversation, then she hung up. Unbelievable! So I think they are a scam!

  • I was with bitcoin giants they seemed like cowboys so I ask for them to return my money and they did I went on to join AIONNEXT and now wonder if they are one and the same as AIONNEXT site is fake and they wont return my money I have good photos of the AIONNEXT scam in progress creating a loss for me I sent them the photos with a please explain haven’t heard from them since

  • Total scam 100%
    I made a lot of money
    When I tried to withdraw they closed my account and won’t answer calls

  • With thanks! Valuable information!


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