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Lazy Trader App ; Lethargic Scam Unveiled

The Lazy Trader App, is one lethargic scam you best avoid.  This repeat offender which also sometimes is commonly referred also known as the Profit Repeater, keeps on churning the same dosage that we have come to expect from shady apps especially those that try and get a second piece of the pie having already caused havoc the first time round.  Make no mistake what we have here may seem new and buzzing but at the end of it, this latest app is among the newest string auto-trading scams to spread their flu-like symptoms among a vast array of similarly blacklisted apps within the confines of the binary options industry.


In the next few paragraphs, we will look to decompose this software piece by piece and unveil the real facts that we have gathered and observed regarding the Lazy Trader App software.  We would encourage readers to vigilantly peruse through these specifics before making any decisions as our aim is to provide a complete all rounded picture that ultimately we hope will help you reach the same conclusion as we have that the Lazy Trader App is a Scam, best avoided.


Lazy Trader App; Sofware Review Facts!!

The whole promotional videos try to deliver a message of optimism and promise unrealistic expectations that just are improbable even among the best of traders.  Endorsed, by paid actors, and glamorized by the usually photoshopped bank account images, mansions and of course fancy sports cars, the team behind this software seems to not want to leave no stone unturned, probably due to desperation but definitely with a view to deception.


Looking at the promise of earning $15,000 per day, may seem appetizing and most definitely a probable pathway away from the traditional 9-5.  But realistically this an offer of such magnitude follows a motto “sounds too good to be true”. That is exactly the case with the Lazy Trader App!


Lazy Trader App Review

Lazy Trader App Review


Rick Daniels, the alleged creator of the Profit Repeater, is a made up character that possesses no real verifiable data of that can be independently searched.  His existence is purely virtual, made up, and unfortunately for any unsuspecting victims, his portrait can only be found via the compounds of the Lazy Trader App.


This whole ploy which he claims is the same tool to generate $17,000,000 in 7 Months is nothing but a high pitched surround sound blabber that is far from realistic and of course, if it was legit would have at least been found in some fortune magazine. He possesses no virtual presence anywhere on any social media websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram.  The real perpetrators behind this software remain anonymous.  What we do know is that these con-artists behind the Lazy Trader App are the same group who brought you the Market Filter App and the 10k Every Day App.


Fake Results – As Seen on the Website

Lazy Trader App Review


Instead of concentrating on critical information and providing real live demonstration which would see the Lazy Trader scam software demonstrate reliability and be more lucrative to investors, Rick Daniels keeps taking us on a roller coaster ride, claiming that this program will guarantee daily profits of $15k with no risk involved.


To cut a long story short, our in-depth Lazy Trader review finds that you cannot achieve those figures even in the wildest of your estimations. Unfortunately, that is the same thing that is usually observed in scam websites that hire sub-par actors to cheat in front of the camera.


The Fake Lazy Trader Testimonials & Reviews 

Don’t be fooled by fake testimonials because these are all pre-scripted and narrated by cheap actors who will narrate anything in front of the camera even without having tried the product first hand for a small nominal fee.  The person acting as Rick Daniels is just an imposter. The same applies to all the individuals who are trying to advocate for this scam on the Lazy Trader review video.


Also, scams have since acquired a hallmark by making use of rented facility like planes , luxurious mansions and speed boats. In fact, the more you believe in their fake stories, the more you’ll be inclined to forget the reality, and this would put you at serious risk of losing your money.


    Review Verdict: Lazy Trader App Software is a Scam

   Not recommended for Testing! For More Scams: Check out ; the Tesler App Software Review


The Lazy Trader App is a disgusting scam that will make you deposit money and then it will lose your money. Stay away from it!  Our research did not come up with any indicative results to show this platform to be anything worth more than a penny.  Please do not invest into this software if you’d prefer not to waste your money in false promises! There’s literally no honest details about this offer This includes the actual identity of Rick Daniels, their forged evidence of success, testimonials and trade executions contradicts REAL RESULTS! Which turns out to be money stealing.


Always perform due diligence to minimise potential risk to lose money with a signals provider like the Lazy Trader Scam App, note that you can trade directly using technical analysis.   If you would like to trade with an auto trader we can recommend the UTN System which has receive positive appraisals from a variety of authoritative and 3rd Party Beta Testers.


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For the full review of the UTN project please feel free to check our review. If you prefer something different please feel free to check out our signals page where you will find some tried and tested recommended software’s that we have endorsed with real evidences. is secured website via https:// SSL encrypted protocol and Scam-free guaranteed by Site Lock daily scams! Clicking any content available on this website is totally RISK-FREE!  Thank you for reading this review

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